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Announcing the finalists of 2023 Service Science Paper Competitions

  • 1.  Announcing the finalists of 2023 Service Science Paper Competitions

    Posted 09-23-2023 11:47

    It is our great pleasure to announce this year's finalists for three competitions organized by the Service Science Section. The finalists will present at the award sessions of the Service Science Cluster in Phoenix (sessions MA63-ME63, on Monday, October 16th, location: CC-West 102B). The award certificates will be presented, and the winners will be announced at the Service Science Section Business Meeting on Monday, October 16, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. 

    Further, we are excited to share a 5-min video for each finalist on the INFORMS YouTube channel: Click to follow link." rel="noopener">

    Best Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Paper Award

    • Allocation of Funds in Bilevel Subsidy Welfare Programs. By Wei Wei, Priyank Arora, and Senay Solak.
    • Can Customer Ratings be Discrimination Amplifiers? Evidence from a Gig Economy Platform. By Fei Teng, Tristan Botelho, and K. Sudhir.
    • Differentiating on Diversity: How Disclosing Workforce Diversity Data Influences Consumer Choice. By Maya Balakrishnan, Jimin Nam, and Ryan Buell.
    • Dynamic Exception Points for Fair Liver Allocation. By Mustafa Akan, Musa Celdir, and Sridhar Tayur.
    • The Impact of the Opportunity Zone Program on Residential Real Estate. By Xiaoyan Liu, Maxime Cohen, Dmitry Mitrofanov, Ron Bekkerman, and John Maiden.

    Committee: Muge Yayla-Kullu (Committee Chair – UCF), Metin Cakanyildirim (UT-Dallas), Nan Liu (Boston College), Karthik Natarajan (U of Minnesota), Tom Tan (SMU), Yimin Wang (Arizona State)

    Best Student Paper Award

    • A Data-driven Approach to Improve Artisans' Productivity in Distributed Supply Chains. By Xinyu Zhang, Divya Singhvi, and Somya Singhvi.
    • A Multi-Treatment Forest Approach for Analyzing the Heterogeneous Effects of Team Familiarity. By Minmin Zhang, Guihua Wang, Wallace J. Hopp, and Michael Mathis.
    • Can Predictive Technology Help Improve Acute Care Services? Investigating the Impact of Virtual Triage Technology Adoption. By Jiatao Ding, Michael Freeman, and Sameer Hasija.
    • Fair Markovian Search. By Mohammad Reza Aminian, Vahideh Manshadi, and Rad Niazadeh.
    • Optimizing Equitable Resource Allocation in Parallel Any-Scale Queues with Service Abandonment and its Application to Liver Transplant. By Shukai Li and Sanjay Mehrotra.
    • Pricing under the Generalized Markov Chain Choice Model: Learning through Large-scale Click Behaviors. By Mo Liu, Junyu Cao, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen.
    • Stopping the Revolving Door: MDP-Based Decision Support for Community Corrections Placement. By Xiaoquan Gao, Pengyi Shi, and Nan Kong.
    • Waiting Online versus In-Person in Outpatient Clinics:  An Empirical Study on Visit Incompletion. By Jimmy Qin, Carri W. Chan, Jing Dong, Shunichi Homma, and Siqin Ye.

        Committee: Bing Bai (McGill), Yifan Feng (NUS), Siyang Gao (CityU HK), Guiping Hu (Committee Co-Chair – Oklahoma State), Song-Hee Kim (SNU), Xiao Lei (HKU), Ashwin Venkataraman (UTD), Luyi Yang (Berkeley), Renyu Zhang (Committee Co-Chair – CUHK)

        Best Cluster Paper Award

        • Asymptotically Optimal Policies for Dynamic Ambulance Dispatch. By Cheng Hua, Tong Wang, Jingwei Zhang, Ziyan Zhou.
        • Does the Seller's Response Time Affect the Buyer's Concession? Evidence from eBay Online Bargaining. By Wen Zhang, Guihua Wang.
        • Helping the Captive Audience: Advance Notice of Diagnostic Service for Hospital Inpatients. By Miao Bai, Nan Liu, Zheng Zhang.
        • Sequential Selection of Candidates: An Experimental Investigation. By Morvarid Rahmani, Christopher M. Green, Karthik Ramachandran.
        • Social Learning with Polarized Preferences on Content Platforms. By Dongwook Shin, Bharadwaj Kadiyala.
        • The Impact of AI Technology on the Productivity of Gig Economy Workers. By Serguei Netessine, Dmitry Mitrofanov, Benjamin Knight.
        • Too Many Meetings? Scheduling Rules for Team Coordination. By Guillaume Roels, Charles Corbett.
        • Operational Risk Management: Optimal Inspection Policy. By Youngsoo Kim, Yuqian Xu.

        Committee: Opher Baron (Committee Co-Chair – U of Toronto), Weiwei Chen (Committee Co-Chair – Rutgers), So Yeon Chun (INSEAD), Laurens Debo (Dartmouth), Kejia Hu (U of Oxford), Ricky Roet-Green (U of Rochester), Sean Zhou (CUHK)

        Congratulations to all the finalists and their co-authors!! We would also like to thank all committee members' hard work during the summer. We hope to see you all at the award presentations and the section's business meeting in Phoenix!

        Weiwei Chen
        Rutgers University
        Chair of INFORMS Service Science Section