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Announcing the 2022 JFIG Paper Competition Finalists

  • 1.  Announcing the 2022 JFIG Paper Competition Finalists

    Posted 10 days ago
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    Dear Colleagues:

    On behalf of the award committee and the INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group (JFIG) board, we are pleased to announce the following finalists for the 2022 JFIG Paper Competition (in alphabetic order of the last name of the first author).

    1. "Representing Random Utility Choice Models with Neural Networks", by Ali Aouad and Antoine Désir
    2. "Conditional Uniformity and Hawkes Processes", by Andrew Daw
    3. "A Decomposition Algorithm for Two-Stage Stochastic Programs with Nonconvex Recourse", by Hanyang Li and Ying Cui
    4. "Online Capacity Scaling Augmented With Untrusted Machine Learning Predictions", by Daan Rutten and Debankur Mukherjee
    5. "Convex Fairness Measures: Theory and Optimization", by Man Yiu Tsang and Karmel S. Shehadeh
    6. "Adjustability in Linear Robust Optimization", by Ningji Wei and Peter Zhang

    The finalists will present in two JFIG competition sessions at the upcoming INFORMS annual meeting:
    -- SE85, October 16, 5:00--6:15pm
    -- MA85, October 17, 8:00-9:15am

    Many thanks to the co-chairs of the award committee, Drs. Frank Curtis and Daniel Kuhn, and the judges who volunteered their time. We have received 42 submissions this year. The six finalists were recognized by a team of 21 judges, who are experts from the relevant fields the submissions represent. The co-chairs of the award committee invited the judges and organized the judging process, and they did not review the papers themselves.

    The 1st-3rd place winners will be presented at the JFIG luncheon, which is held on October 17 (Monday), 12:30--1:30pm. Please join us if you are able to attend. The luncheon ticket can be reserved when you register for the conference, or added to your existing registration by following the steps in the attachment.

    Thanks to JFIG sponsors!

    • IOE, University of Michigan

    • IEMS, Northwestern University

    • ISE, Lehigh University

    Best wishes,

    Ruiwei (On behalf of JFIG officers)

    Ruiwei Jiang
    Associate Professor
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI