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2022 Doctoral Student Colloquium (DSC)

  • 1.  2022 Doctoral Student Colloquium (DSC)

    Posted 07-21-2022 10:49
    The  2022 Doctoral Student Colloquium is intended for doctoral students who need guidance choosing their future path. The colloquium suits the needs of doctoral students who are deciding between a career as an academic or a practitioner. It will include sessions dedicated to examining both career options and comparing/choosing between the two. It also addresses topics like navigating the job hunt, dealing with work-life balance issues, and suggestions concerning job market preparation and positioning. It has been organized with current doctoral students 2-3 years from graduation in mind; however, nominations will be accepted from students in their final year of a doctoral program as well.

    **New for 2022**
    We have once again streamlined the process for participation in this important professional development event by eliminating the program nomination process.  Program administrators are no longer required to gather relevant information from students that wish to participant and submit on their behalf.  Students will nominate themselves and secure a letter of recommendation from a program representative (advisor, administrator, etc.). 

    Registration opens on August 5th!  For more information, visit the Combined Colloquia webpage: INFORMS Combined Colloquia

    Bill Griffin
    Professional Development Manager
    Catonsville MD