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    Posted 10-10-2018 17:30
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    Looking for Consultant for CPLEX OPL Modeling


    We are looking for a consultant who is experienced with CPLEX OPL, preferably with experience on the cloud, to help us add the code we need to identify, prioritize and relax infeasibilities in our application.

    We are developing the first web-based optimization modeling tool for tactical and strategic real estate and facilities planning. I've used this approach on consulting projects for Cisco, Google and others. (See details at Now I am partnering with SpaceIQ to migrate this approach to the cloud so that planners can use it on their own.

    I've done most of the optimization modeling but I've reached the extent of expertise. I've been reading the CPLEX OPL documentation and forum posts, but they don't provide sufficient information. If you have any suggestions on other documentation, please let me know. We will still likely want a consultant to help out because it will be much more efficient for the consultant to do this work than me.

    The consultant will be able to work remotely. We are looking for someone who will be able to start working on this project in the next few weeks.

    Please respond to me at with a description of your expertise in this area and as well as other mathematical modeling and programming skills. We will likely be needing an optimization modeling consultant for other work in the future.


    Jane Mather, Ph.D.
    Principal, Critical Core
    Fraser, Colorado 80442