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New oral INFORMS History & Traditions videos

  • 1.  New oral INFORMS History & Traditions videos

    Posted 01-26-2017 16:27
    On behalf of the INFORMS History & Traditions Committee, I'm pleased to announce the availability of 6 new videos representing interviews of luminaries in the field of Operations Research and Management Science.  All of these interviews were conducted at the recent INFORMS conference in Nashville, TN, in November. These videos provide great insights into the history of the field.

    Egon Balas (2016) Interview by Irv Lustig, November 14, 2016,  (link)
    Dick Larson (2016). Interview by Ed Kaplan, November 14, 2016,  (link)
    Benjamin Lev (2016) Interview by Jeff Camm, November 13, 2016.  (link)
    Chuck McCallum (2016) Interview by Arjang Assad, November 14, 2016,  (link)
    Stephen Pollock (2016) Interview by Mark Daskin, November 14, 2016.   (link)
    Lawrence Stone Interview By Allen Butler, November 13, 2016,  (link)

    Each video includes a transcript that is synchronized with the video, along with chapters, allowing viewers to skip to sections of interest.  There are also PDF versions of the transcripts that can be downloaded as well.

    -Irv Lustig
    Optimization Principal
    Princeton Consultants