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2017 Pierskalla Award Finalists

  • 1.  2017 Pierskalla Award Finalists

    Posted 10-16-2017 22:01
    Dear INFORMS attendees,

    We are pleased to announce this year's finalists for the Pierskalla competition:
    • Wenqi Hu, Carri W. Chan, José R. Zubizarreta, and Gabriel J. Escobar, "An Examination of Early Transfers to the ICU Based on a Physiologic Risk Score"
    • Sze-chuan Suen, Margaret L. Brandeau, and Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, "Optimal Timing of Drug Sensitivity Testing for Patients on First-line Tuberculosis Treatment"
    • Saša Zorc, Stephen E. Chick, and Sameer Hasija, "Outcomes-based Reimbursement Policies for Chronic Care Pathways"
    • Hrayer Aprahamian, Douglas R. Bish, and Ebru K. Bish, "Optimal Risk-based Group Testing in Public Health Screening"
    • Anil Aswani, Philip Kaminsky, Yonatan Mintz, Yoshimi Fukuoka, and Elena Flowers, "Non-Stationary Bandits with Habituation and Recovery Dynamics"
    We invite you to attend their talks at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Houston in Session SB 05, 11:00AM, on Sunday, October 22. The winners will be revealed at the HAS business meeting in GBCC – 320C, Level 3 at 6:15PM on Monday, October 23.

    Thank you,

    Hamsa Bastani and Mohsen Bayati
    Pierskalla Committee Chairs

    Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Technology
    and Electrical Engineering (by courtesy)
    Stanford University
    Graduate School of Business
    655 Knight Way
    Stanford, CA 94305
    (650) 725-2285