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  • 1.  A request from your peers

    Posted 01-20-2022 17:41

    Hello INFORMS members,

    A few months ago, a few of our members from INSEAD and University of Padova reached out to me to discuss how COVID has impacted how our community meets, the role of climate change in the future of meetings, and how collaboration happens. They are now asking for your help in collecting data. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Their note is below. All individuals in the OR and analytics field are asked to participate. 

    If you have questions about this, please send a note to Atalay or Luk. @Atalay Atasu @Luk Van Wassenhove



    From: Atalay AtasuLuk Van WassenhoveAntonio Cavallin ToscaniAndrea Vinelli 

    The pandemic has disrupted the way we convene and exchange knowledge. Our conferences were forced to move virtual, and we experimented with new forms of interaction. We believe now is the right time to reflect on what we gained and lost as we prepare for the new normal. 

    Informs supports a multi-university team from INSEAD and the University of Padova in using a survey to measure the perceived value proposition of in-person and virtual conferences. The results will be made publicly available to trigger a fruitful debate. 

    Please help us by filling out the survey at the following link by 15 February 2022 (estimated time: 6-7 minutes). 


    Your input is crucial to helping Informs and the other Societies involved – MSOM, POMS, EurOMA – shape the future conferences in our field. 

    For any inquiry, please contact the research teamAtalay AtasuLuk Van WassenhoveAntonio Cavallin ToscaniAndrea Vinelli 

    Thanks for your time and help 


    P.S. If you are a member of multiple Societies, you will likely receive the survey multiple times. We apologize for the inconvenience and would ask you to fill out the survey only once




    Elena Gerstmann
    Executive Director