INFORMS Open Forum

  • 1.  Remembering Peter Norden

    Posted 06-17-2020 11:10

    INFORMS is saddened to share it has learned of the passing Peter Norden, 17th president of the Institute of Management Sciences (TIMS), a predecessor organization of INFORMS.

    In addition to serving as president of TIMS from 1971-1972, Norden provided significant support to TIMS and later to INFORMS. He helped establish the INFORMS practice-focused journal Interfaces (later renamed as the INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics). Norden was the founder of the College on the Practice of Management Sciences (CPMS) and presided over that society in its first year following the transition to INFORMS. Norden was also a long-term champion of the Franz Edelman Award competition, serving as both a judge and coach for many years. Norden was presented with the INFORMS George E. Kimball Medal in recognition of his dedicated service to the professional management sciences community.

    Norden's personal career with IBM spanned more than 40 years, specializing in the application of quantitative techniques to management problems and project management systems. In particular, he directed scientific software development and helped market support for knowledge-based and expert systems applications for manufacturing, process, and utilities industries. 

    To learn more about Peter Norden's life and more than 40-year career with IBM, please click here.

    Scharan Johnson
    Director of Membership and Communities
    Catonsville MD