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Announcing 2021 Service Science best paper awards winners

  • 1.  Announcing 2021 Service Science best paper awards winners

    Posted 10-29-2021 10:51
    Dear Colleagues,

    On behalf of the Service Science best paper award committees, we are pleased to announce the winners for the two paper award competitions hosted by the Service Science Section. We'd like to thank the committee members for their hard work, as well as the authors for their high-quality submissions. All winners will receive a framed certificate in the mail and all finalists will receive an e-certificate.

    Best Cluster Paper Award
    Committee: Saif Benjaafar, Weiwei Chen, Jing Dong, Subodha Kumar, Kelly Lyons, Robin Qiu
    Summary: 43 qualified submissions; 16 finalists selected to present in the award sessions.
    Winners (submitting author in bold):
    • First-place winner (tie): Luyi Yang, Shiliang Cui, Sezer Ulku, Zhongbin Wang, Yong-Pin Zhou. "Pooling Servers for Customer-Intensive Services: Theory and Experimental Evidence".
    • First-place winner (tie): Qiuping Yu, Yiming Zhang, Yong-Pin Zhou. "Delay Information in Virtual Queues: A Large-Scale Field Experiment on a Ride-Sharing Platform".
    • Third-place winner: Pnina Feldman, Ella Segev. "The Important Role of Time Limits when Consumers Choose their Time in Service".
    IBM Best Student Paper Award
    Committee: Siyang Gao, Guiping Hu, Meng Li, Paul Maglio, Paul Messinger
    Summary: 59 qualified submissions; 15 finalists selected to present in the award sessions.
    Winners (submitting student author in bold):
    • First-place winner: Pia Ramchandani, Hamsa Bastani, Emily Wyatt. "Unmasking human trafficking risk in commercial sex supply chains with machine learning".
    • Second-place winner (tie): Georgia Perakis, Divya Singhvi, Omar Skali Lami, Leann Thayaparan. "COVID-19: A Multiwave SIR Based Model for Learning Waves". (authors listed in alphabetical order)
    • Second-place winner (tie): Hanwei Li, David Simchi-Levi, Michelle X. Wu, Weiming Zhu. "Estimating and Exploiting the Impact of Photo Layout: A Structural Approach".
    Our wholehearted congratulations to all winners and finalists!! We also thank all the authors for their participation. We look forward to engaging all of you in future section activities.

    Weiwei Chen (Chair)
    Guiping Hu (Vice-Chair)
    Meng Li (Secretary/Treasurer)

    Weiwei Chen, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
    Rutgers University
    Chair of INFORMS Service Science Section