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Making Your Next Road Trip A Big Event for Your Family

By James Mellor posted 08-19-2021 12:10


The modern world is extremely rushed and it is easy to speed through the years that your kids are with you. Before you know it, they will be off to college and then family holidays will be even more scarce. Summer holidays were made for road trips and the perfect time to get back into touch with the clan. Here is how you can make your next road trip the ultimate family event. 

Get some family input

As adults, we often forget or neglect to get some input from the rest of the family when planning the itinerary for the road trip. When you know that your next family event is going to be a road trip, ask your kids where they would want to stop. If they have not been on the road much, start to educate them on all the wonderful places you can visit on the route. 

When everyone has a share in the plan, then everyone has something to look forward to. When everyone has their wish list locked in, you need to start planning your route. Calculating the driving time, rest stops and researching any roadside attractions will be much easier when you have an idea of what everyone wants. 

Buying an RV

You would be surprised at how affordable it could be to buy an RV instead of renting one, especially when you pick it up at an auction. To learn more about buying an RV at auction, visit Crankyape to get an idea of what price range you could be looking at. The best part about buying an RV at auction is that you can always sell it again after the road trip. 

You can even peruse their selection of trailers and decide to buy one instead. Both RVs and trailers have their appeal, pros and cons and figuring out what will work for you is part of the journey.

Have the entertainment ready

When a road trip is not well thought through or when a wrong turn is taken somewhere along the route, driving can become a chore and passengers could become cranky. 

To ensure that all the passengers are entertained on the road, be sure to have a selection of DVDs, books, board games and other activities planned for on the road and when you stop. The whole point of a road trip is to try and spend as much time together with the family as possible. 

Everyone should have a fun bag

Every member on the road trip needs to have a personal fun bag that is reserved for alone time. It often happens that families have bad experiences on their road trips because they feel claustrophobic. If you are not used to being in each other’s space the whole time, tempers can flare. 

Breaking away and spending some time alone is also very needed on a road trip and everyone needs to have the opportunity to do something for themselves. The fun bag is the one item that will preserve sanity or keep the balance. 

Do not skimp on the snacks

Road trips are supposed to be out of the ordinary and memorable events that will stick. The cuisine is a feature that should never be overlooked as people often associate good times with good food and drink. 

Before you set off and take on the long road, you need to stock up on snacks and drinks. Everything does not have to be unhealthy, but there should not be a shortage of anything either. Besides, stopping for a hungry or thirsty child could hinder your progress on the trip.   

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