How Digital Technology is Making Recruitment More Effective

By James Mellor posted 05-18-2021 13:51


Digital technology is revolutionizing the way HR works by making the recruitment process more effective and quicker. Both the candidates interviewed and the companies save lots of money, time, and effort by using the right digital tools to screen the candidates suitable for the job, conduct interviews, and evaluate them. 

Here is a list of five prominent areas where digital technology is becoming indispensable in the recruitment field. 

Data to reach the suitable candidates 

Companies no longer hire in bulk and keep the candidates on the bench to use them when the right project appears. They advertise specific details on the platforms most frequented by toppers, technical experts, and industry specialists. They gather the data on where to promote and advertise precisely and reach the suitable candidates saving ample time and money. 

Digital HR aiding companies provide versatile services, including mimicking the competitor company hiring strategy to facilities that test the screened candidate’s potential. Platforms like eSkill provide unique online skills testing to assess the expertise of each candidate. Companies can save 60 to 70% in costs by screening candidates online using eSkill.

AI to test attitude and technical skill 

Advanced AI tests get used further to analyze and pick the best among the selected candidates. Their problem-solving skill, emotional intelligence, and proficiency in handling a situation get measured through AI programs. The candidates perform various tasks together and individually as the AI judges their specific, measurable skills in the background. 

Such facilities save HR from the dilemma of choosing from a handful of best candidates and mark each one based on their overall professional skills and soft skills manually. The results provided by the AI serve as an excellent aid for the recruiters to determine where the candidate lacks behind and arrange the required training for them. 

Video platforms to conduct interview 

Personal interviews conducted online through Zoom or other online meeting platforms enable the recruiters to have a hearty chat with the candidates. They no longer need to do the tedious job of getting every information from the candidate directly as all the details are already gathered and stored in the cloud. 

The HR can discuss salary, skills assessment score, where the candidate needs to improve, and what training is necessary. The average interview time reduces to half when the core data is already available with the recruiter, and it enables them to interview more candidates in a specific time. 

Virtual reality to show around the office 

Virtual reality is used extensively in training and to showcase the best features of the workplace. Candidates get a virtual tour of the office, the various unique features available on the premises like the gym, library, etc. 

They get shown how the factory, machinery, or other designing software works using VR and taught how to use the company CRM and other essential software through VR. 

It enables the candidates to learn faster and try their hands on the system through simulations. Virtual reality enables recruited candidates to complete most of the training from home. It decreases the need to have an extensive place for training. 

Candidates know why 

The candidates getting interviewed know the results instantly in most cases. Besides, they get to know where they went wrong and what they should improve. It is an excellent advantage as it prevents them from waiting for days to get a rejection letter without knowing why. 

They understand hiring and what is expected from them better with the aid of the digital tools and strive hard to succeed. The training modules often suggest where to concentrate and give recommendations on building their talent further, which is a great plus point.