Benefits of a Work Sabbatical for Mental Health Reasons

By James Mellor posted 05-18-2021 13:02


Many people in the corporate environment don’t realize that they can take leave if they have mental health issues and will struggle until their health becomes much worse. There is a stigma around mental health in the workplace and a valid fear of facing discrimination based on your mental health status. 

Even before Covid-19 hit, more people were taking leave for mental health reasons, and work-related stress and anxiety are major contributing factors. Here are some benefits of taking a work sabbatical for mental health reasons. 

Prioritize your wellbeing 

Symptoms that you may be suffering from include overwhelming worry, sadness or anger, panic attacks, changes in appetite, mood swings and changes in appetite. In your plan for your time off, you need to prioritize your wellbeing. This may include healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating healthy regular meals, exercising, and seeing a mental health professional on a regular basis. 

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Deal with burnout before it escalates

If you feel you’re suffering from burnout due to work stress, it doesn’t help to just push through and try to carry on. If you don’t address it, it can lead to some severe health consequences down the line. You may start suffering from a full-blown anxiety disorder or a mood disorder like depression. 

Admitting the problem does not mean you’re a failure but that you have a medical issue that needs to get better. Some therapeutic activities to help address burnout may include yoga, journaling, meditating and getting enough sleep. 

Gain new perspective 

Disconnecting from work can help you gain a perspective of life outside work and gives you the opportunity to reset mentally. You can take the time to think about your job, your career, and what you really want for the future. 

You may just realize that you don’t have to work 24/7 and can probably add more value when you have balance in your life. You will probably realize that you are more of an asset to your company when you aren’t feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by stress. A mental reset can really help you to think differently. 

Realize the importance of family

Family can be your anchor in life and keeping your mental health issues all to yourself because you don’t want to burden your family is a mistake. You need to lean on family when you’re having mental health issues and it doesn’t help to hide what you’re experiencing. 

Taking time to unplug and focus on yourself and your family can be invaluable. Family members can encourage you to deal with your mental health issues, whether in the form of medication, therapy, meditating or even taking up a new hobby. 

Experience renewed enthusiasm for work

Removing yourself from your everyday routines allows you to take a break and return with renewed enthusiasm. On your break, you can think about things such as what frustrates you most in your job, what changes you can make and how you can improve your productivity. You can think about how you can balance work with other parts of your life. 

When you have a chance to reboot, it may help you to appreciate your job more. You will feel enthusiastic to go back to work with various goals in mind and an enthusiasm to implement some of your insights.