How the Ocean Rejuvenates Your Mind and Body

By James Mellor posted 03-28-2021 15:29


People share a deep connection to the ocean that is not easily understood. But, anyone will tell you that a beach holiday is one of the best cures for sadness and it can do wonders for your state of mind. 

So, if you’re planning your next holiday and you want to go to the best possible place for your mental and physical well-being, here are some more reasons why you’ll want to make it a beach trip. 

Ocean sounds bring calm

Ocean sounds are repetitive and quieter than the hundreds of sounds you might hear in a minute of the city buzz. The crashing of waves on the shore offers the same reprieve as saying a mantra during meditation. Your brain can enter a different state of mindfulness and calm.

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The color blue

Color psychology can help explain why the ocean has such a strong calming effect on us. The color blue is associated with calm, peace, tranquility, and security. It is also said to inspire creativity. When the sky and the ocean meet at the horizon and on a clear day, you can fully experience a sense of order and calm as they blend into one another.  

As a result, you might notice how hours can go by as you watch the ocean flow. The sight, sound, and color of the water soothe you. In this relaxed state, you experience decreased anxiety, your mood is better and you have improved mental clarity. 

Seawater helps immunity

The ocean offers so many great mental health benefits, but it’s also great for your physical health. Ocean water and blood plasma are 98% identical. Our blood has one extra molecule of iron, where seawater has one more magnesium molecule. It’s no surprise then that many experience a deep connection with the ocean.

Spending time in seawater increases red and white blood cell production. The ocean is also great at strengthening the body’s immunity against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. The many different vitamins and minerals in salt water heal wounds faster and reduce swelling and redness, which is why it is used in many modern beauty products. 

Improved sleep

Breathing in the ocean air can help you sleep better. The negative ions in the ocean breeze can help your body take in more oxygen. It also balances out serotonin in your brain. More oxygen to your lungs and brain can calm you down, while balanced serotonin levels help you maintain a good mood. 

Swimming in the ocean can lower your blood pressure which automatically improves the quality of sleep that you are likely to experience. Salt in the air and water also raises the body’s oxytocin level. Oxytocin is the hormone that increases feelings of calm which is exactly what you need when you’re settling down for bed.

Better focus and mindfulness

The ocean is a great healer. Its ability to calm and soothe the human mind makes it such an inspiring natural wonder to all. The sound of crashing waves draws us to the ocean because it has a similar effect to meditative mantras.

The ocean, in its natural state, calms our overstimulated brains. Our brains are processing a lot less information when we listen to and look at the ocean. This instantly brings about a sense of calm because our senses are not over-occupied trying to take in more information than they can handle.