Ready, Set, Go for Clever Home Schooling

By James Mellor posted 08-16-2020 16:53


There is no denying that the coronavirus has altered life around the world. One of the more unsettling changes has been school closures. 


Not only do parents have to work remotely at home, but they have also got their children there too. As a parent, you cannot give up on your kid’s education. There are ways that you will have to approach this new way of educating your kids while they are forced to be at home during the pandemic. 


There should still be routine


It will not be easy getting your kids out of bed for a ‘normal’ school day. They need to know that there will still be routine at home. You also want to make it fun for them. Why not start the day with a quick workout? This is especially useful with small kids in the home with heaps of energy to burn.


After breakfast, get into the routine of decluttering and cleaning the study area. If your children were taking music lessons before the virus, continue with their practice sessions. Break the learning part up with an hour of music practice. 


For instance, if you’re Christian, you may want to sing praise and worship songs with the help of the musical instruments the kids are learning to play. Establishing a routine is important for children so that when they return to school and into the swing of things, it won’t be a huge or difficult adjustment to make.


Get comfortable


Being icy cold or being boiling hot prevents learning. If your HVAC is not working properly, let this new season of your life be the time for a change. Let the 5 Star Repair Services Inc team in Texas diagnose any problems with your HVAC and get it working again. 


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Not only that, these skilled technicians make sure that your air filter and entire aircon is also working efficiently so that it does not push your electricity bill up during this homeschooling season. A unit that operates more efficiently ensures better longevity – and better learning!  


Make a plan


Children like to know what to expect. A wall is a high-traffic area too, and you can fasten a giant timetable schedule onto the wall. Your child has a timetable at school, so why not draw up a timetable showing their study times, leisure times and worship times for home school?


You could start each day giving thanks for a new day and new opportunities. The roster can be placed where you as the parent and the child can see it. With the timetable, you can include time for sleep, exercise, work and leisure. 


By becoming involved in the way the timetable operates, you can show your child that you are rooting for them. By becoming involved, they will develop perseverance.


Peace and quiet


Even though you are at home and there is limited space, you will need to dedicate a study area free of distractions. If at all possible, try and set up a learning area away from the TV. Being at home for school is not easy, as there are bound to be many distractions. 


You will need to teach your child self-discipline to avoid distractions such as social media and constant WhatsApping. It may even become necessary for you to remove your child’s cell phone and internet access.


You will need to make it plain to your child that it is no punishment at all but rather self-discipline to help them with their learning while the coronavirus keeps them at home.