Is it Cheaper to buy a Central Air Conditioner in Winter?

By James Mellor posted 04-26-2020 14:51


A quality central air conditioner can be costly and most people look for ways to buy one at a better price. Some believe it’s better to buy a central air conditioner during the slower winter months. 

The misconception is that you will get better prices because demand is low. The truth is that winter months are often still a very busy time for any legitimate air conditioning and heating company. 

Winter isn’t the time to buy

People who want to have their air conditioning units replaced often choose the winter months to do it. They can save on delivery and installation costs by replacing air conditioning units at the same time as replacing or repairing a furnace. 

If you want to replace an air conditioner in winter together with furnace replacements or repairs, you should get written estimates from licensed, insured installers in your area with the necessary experience. PICKHVAC has a free local quotes service you can use to find a quality installer. 

Summer isn’t the time to buy either

Summer isn’t the time to buy an air conditioner either. This is when the demand for central air conditioning rises as the temperatures rise. Prices are consistently high at this time of the year, as many homeowners realize they need to purchase or repair units. It is easy to find yourself paying higher prices and waiting longer for installation. 

Buy in the off-seasons

Buying in the off-seasons gives you the most leverage. In March, April and May, the weather is not cold and people don’t run furnaces full time. They are not yet thinking about using air conditioners either because the weather isn’t that hot. 

By preparing yourself well before summer with knowledge about prices and installation services, you can get what you need before the summer rush. Installing an air conditioning unit in spring means you’re well prepared when the hot days of summer arrive. 

With a drop in demand for replacement and repairs for both furnaces and air conditioners, contractors are more available to install units. 

September, October and November are also months where the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot and you can get good deals. 

Getting the best price

The price for a central air conditioning unit varies greatly depending on factors such as the type of system you need, where you live and the condition of your existing air ducts. 

Installation costs can quickly hike up the price but you should never sacrifice contractor quality for a lower price. Many HVAC systems are installed incorrectly, which can considerably reduce their efficiency. 

To get an accurate idea of what you’ll need to spend, you have to consider the size air conditioner unit you’ll need. If a unit is too small, it’s likely to have to work too hard which could lead to mechanical failure and it might not cool the space sufficiently. 

A unit that’s too large isn’t as efficient as it should be and cycles on and off too much. When an air conditioner is the right size, it runs at optimal efficiency. 

When selecting the right system, you need to decide what type of HVAC system is best for your specific needs, what size it should be and whether existing ductwork is usable. You also need to calculate how long it will take to pay yourself back with lower energy costs if you go for a more efficient unit.

The best ways to save costs when buying and installing a central air conditioning unit is to hire the right contractor, schedule installation in the off-season and use rebates or tax credits. 

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