Answering Your Questions About the Multiple Worksite Report

By James Mellor posted 04-26-2020 18:36


The Multiple Worksite Report (BLS 3020) was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to gather employment data. This data shows the distribution of employment and wages for businesses with multiple locations by geographic area and industry. 

It allows for accurate reports to be prepared relating to the economic condition of business activities within different areas and industries. 

Who needs to complete a Multiple Worksite report?

A worksite is a location where business is conducted or where industrial operations are performed. Some examples of worksites are factories, stores, hotels or restaurants. Many employers conduct business in more than one location. You need to complete a Multiple Worksite report if you:

  • Have more than one business that reports using the same state Unemployment Insurance (UI) account number. Are engaged in multiple economic activities or have more than one worksite. 
  • Have a total of 10 or more employees combined in secondary locations. The employer’s primary location is the one with the most employment and other locations are secondary locations.

If you are still unsure whether you meet the requirements for reporting, you need to contact the State Employment Security Agency where you file Unemployment Insurance for your business. 

Staying compliant at all times

The BLS 3020 form must be completed on a quarterly basis and returned within 30 days of receiving it. If you don’t comply, you can leave your company vulnerable to potential fines and lawsuits. 

Resourceful Compliance helps you to stay compliant. Thanks to an in-house team of compliance professionals dedicated to researching and monitoring any changes that occur across the country, you are always kept up-to-date with the laws. The company also supplies you with labor law posters for all your locations, making it easy for you to purchase at scale. 

Information required for the Multiple Worksite Report

To complete the BLS 3020 form, employers are required to provide:

  • Monthly employment counts 
  • Total quarterly wages 
  • Current names of the business 
  • Description of the function of each worksite
  • Correct street address of each worksite
  • Any comments describing changes in data, such as a wage increase.
  • The totals on the form must match the corresponding totals on your wage reports and employer’s contribution. 

How do I report?

Reporting can be submitted electronically or via mail. You can download a form for mailing by clicking on the reporting state. Many payroll companies will complete the BLS 3020 form for you as part of their service. 

What if you have worksites in different states?

Each unemployment insurance account and each state is viewed separately. A Multiple Worksite Report needs to be filed in each state if your business operations meet the criteria. For example, you don’t need to fill in a report if you only have one location in another state and you employ less than a total of 10 people on the secondary worksite. 

If you have locations in more than one state, you may be able to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to centralize your reporting. To sign up for EDI you need to visit BLS MWR on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Why is it important to file a BLS 3020?

Completion of the BLS 3020 provides local employment and wage data that affects the measurement of the local economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses the data for statistical tabulation purposes and the states use it to determine whether federal funds are located correctly across the various counties. 

Federal funds distributed through grant programs use these county economic indicators as a basis for allocations and there are no other sources than the BLS 3020 to obtain this information. 

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