Identifying and Addressing Employee Turnover Issues

By James Mellor posted 04-03-2019 01:12


Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. When you have high employee turnover, you need to find possible causes and address them as quickly as possible.

High employee turnover has an impact on profitability as recruiting and training new staff is costly. It can also lower the morale of existing staff. Here are some causes of high turnover and ways to address them.

Some causes of high turnover

Employees may leave for many different reasons. Some of them are as follows:

The wrong match

Employees whose skills are underutilized or are placed in jobs that are too difficult for them are often discouraged and want to leave.

Substandard working conditions

If the workplace lacks decent facilities, employees may not be prepared to put up with the inconveniences for long.

Inadequate supervision and training

New employees often need help learning the job. Other employees also need ongoing training to enable them to do their jobs better and progress in their careers.

Lack of opportunities

People often leave a company if they see no opportunities for growth.

No recognition for hard work

Employees need to feel that their hard work is appreciated and don’t like being taken for granted.

Not enough pay

Low pay can be one of the biggest sources of dissatisfaction.

If you suspect you have a problem, look at these causes to try and identify what could be wrong. You can use methods such as anonymous online surveys, informal conversations, focus groups etc.

Encourage employees to speak freely and take advantage of exit interviews to find out more. Once you’ve identified the issues, you can begin addressing them.

How to prevent high turnover

If you want to ensure that your employees stay with you, you need to work on the following:

Invest time in the hiring process

Ensure employees are a good fit for the position and company culture. Proper job descriptions and proper testing of job candidates can help ensure this.

Offer pleasant working conditions

Provide good lighting, suitable furniture, decent restrooms etc. Allow employees to take breaks, vape at their desks (Vaping 360 provides starter vape kits) and find other ways that help them stay relaxed and productive.

Provide suitable training

Look at your training procedures to make sure that new recruits get the information they need. Consider having senior staff mentor and coach employees. Offer e-learning resources for all employees to increase their knowledge and skills.

Keep the lines of communication open

Keep your employees informed and show them that you’re prepared to listen to them and take their concerns seriously.

Offer fair pay

It’s very important to have a job and wage valuation system in place and make sure pay is competitive for your industry.

Offer desirable benefits

Find out what type of benefits your employees appreciate most. If you allow flexible work hours, for instance, you might keep an employee who was tempted to leave. Build morale by giving incentives, offering bonuses and recognizing employees for achievements.