About the University of BC Chapter

About the University of British Columbia Chapter

About Us
The UBC Student Chapter of INFORMS is an organization that serves people at the University of British Columbia with an interest in Operations Research, Management Science, and Business Analytics.  We do this by providing a platform for communication, networking, and information exchange.

Our Objectives
1. Encourage interest in the field of operations research (OR), management sciences (MS), and Business Analytics (BA).
2. Provide a means of communication among people having interest in OR/MS/BA.
3. Provide an informal means of exchange about OR/MS/BA educational programs and opportunities.
4. Provide an informal means of sharing information about the methods and techniques of OR/MS/BA.
5. Present a forum of speakers who address OR/MS/BA topics.

Our History
Our chapter was created by a group of students in February 2004 with the support of INFORMS, CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society), and the Centre for Operations Excellence at the Sauder School of Business of the University of British Columbia. Students from different programs and degrees supported the initiative that helped the creation of this Chapter outside the USA setting a precedent.

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