QSR membership directory

The QSR section sponsors numerous special sessions, invited panels, best paper competition, best poster competition, student interaction session, and best student paper competition each year.  The section can also be a great tool to find out about employment opportunities in Quality, Reliability, and Data Science. Some of the benefits of an QSR section membership include:

(1) Opportunities to network with your professional peers.

(2) Information on exciting new developments in your field.

(3) Reduced rates for national and international meetings.

(4) First word of new job openings and internships.

(5) Exclusive access to online INFORMS QSR videos and educational materials.


How to join the QSR Section:

(1) There are two mechanisms to join QSR. One can join INFORMS AND select QSR as the Section to be affiliated, or, one can choose to join QSR without joining INFORMS.

(2) QSR Section fees (per year) are: $16.00 for current INFORMS members, $21 for non-INFORMS members, and $6 for students/retirees.

(3) Visit, there are two links: one says “To join INFORMS” and another says “To join INFORMS Communities.”

(4) For a non-INFORMS member who wants to join QSR only (not to join INFORMS), he/she should ONLY click the link of “To join INFORMS Communities” and pay $21 (or $6, depending on the membership category).

(5) For a person who is now an INFORMS member but would like to add QSR to his/her existing INFORMS membership, the procedure is the same as a non-INFORMS member joining QSR (namely, use the “To join INFORMS Communities”) but pay $16 (or $6) membership fee.

(6) For a person who wants to join INFORMS AND QSR, s/he should follow the link “To join INFORMS” and it will have a place for him/her to indicate which subdivision to choose later. New INFORMS regular members receive the selection of one INFORMS Community (QSR) at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

We welcome you to become a member to the INFORMS QSR section!

Here is a demo with step-by-step screen snapshot