INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 7-13, 2020 Online
TrackPublic Sector OR

There are 35 Public Sector OR sessions with a total of 142 presentations during the 2020 Virtual INFORMS Annual Meeting which takes place from November 8-13 online. The sessions and the session numbers are listed below. Details about the authors and presentations in the sessions can be found by following this link.

Sunday, November 8

  • SA19. Analytical Models for Capacity Building in Global Health and Humanitarian Operations
  • SA20. Humanitarian Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters

Monday, November 9

  • MB19. Analytics for Healthcare and Public Safety
  • MB20. Modeling Healthcare Operations Under Uncertainty
  • MC19. Analytics for Public Needs and Safety
  • MC20. Modeling Prioritization Decisions in Healthcare
  • MD19. Application-Driven Research in Humanitarian and Healthcare Operations
  • MD20. Operations Research for Policing
  • MD62. A Behavioral Perspective on Humanitarian and Sustainable Operations

Tuesday, November 10

  • TB18. Examples of Analytics in Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations
  • TB19. Analytics in home health
  • TB20. Policy Design according to User Preferences
  • TC19. Community Systems Analytics - Supply Chain, Smart City, Healthcare
  • TC20. Political Redistricting
  • TD18. Practice of Analytics in Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations
  • TD19. Community-Based Operations Research
  • TD20. PSOR Best Paper Competition Finalists
  • TD43. Data Science for Disaster Management

Wednesday, November 11

  • WB19. Competition and collaboration in Emergency Medical Services
  • WB20. Public Policy Evaluation
  • WB56. Human Trafficking I
  • WC19. Data Driven Disaster Resilience
  • WC20. Public Safety in a Pandemic
  • WC56. Human Trafficking II
  • WD19. Data-Driven Research in Humanitarian, Health, and Non-Profit Operations
  • WD20. Resilient Infrastructure and Community Networks

Thursday, November 12

  • ThB19. Decision Analytic Models for Public Health
  • ThC19. Decision making in Healthcare
  • ThD19. Public Safety in a Pandemic II

Friday, November 13

  • FB18. Disaster Management with Optimization Models
  • FB19. Disaster Operations Management 2
  • FC18. Threats to Life and Limb (In Honor of Al Blumstein on His 90th Birthday)
  • FC19. Humanitarian and Disaster Operations Management
  • FD18. Disaster Operations Management
  • FD19. Humanitarian Operations and Disaster Management

Finalists of the 2020 PSOR Best Paper Competition

Four finalists will present their paper at TD20 PSOR Best Paper Competition Finalists at 4:30-5:45 pm on Tuesday November 10. We encourage you to attend this session. The winner will be announced at the PSOR Business Meeting at the upcoming 2020 Virtual INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Finalists (in no particular order)


  • Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs with Surrogates: When Should We Bother?

Arielle Anderer (The Wharton School)

Hamsa Bastani (The Wharton School)

John Silberholz (University of Michigan)

  • Improving Farmers' Income on Online Agri-platforms: Theory and Field Implementation of a Two-stage Auction

Retsef Levi (MIT)

Manoj Rajan (Rashtriya e Market Services Limited)

Somya Singhvi (MIT)

Yanchong Zheng (MIT)

  • Online Policies for Efficient Volunteer Crowdsourcing

Vahideh Manshadi (New Haven)

Scott Rodilitz (Yale)

  • Heterogeneous Donor Circles for Fair Liver Transplant Allocation

Subramanian Raghavan (University of Maryland-College Park)

Shubham Akshat (University of Maryland-College Park)

Sommer Gentry (United States Naval Academy)