Upcoming: Call for Papers/Session Chairs

INFORMS Annual Meeting, Oct 22-25, 2017 Houston, TX

TrackPublic Sector OR

The Section of Public Sector OR (PSOR) is the INFORMS subdivision dedicated to “doing good with good OR.” The section furthers the use of OR/MS in many areas, including public policy, public programs, public safety, public service, and public needs. As the co-chairs of the PSOR track, we would like to invite you to organize and chair one or more sponsored sessions for the track. We listed the session topics/titles from last year below for your reference. We welcome ideas of similar or additional themes.

  • Emergency response, recovery and resilience
  • Applied humanitarian operations management
  • Proactive planning against weather events
  • analytics research in humanitarian service delivery
  • public policy for energy and the environment
  • decision-making models for public health systems
  • Public sector OR problems with geographic considerations
  • New models in criminology
  • Recent developments in humanitarian logistics
  • Community-based operations research
  • Resilience management concepts for infrastructure and service systems
  • Pro Bono analytics
  • Humanitarian & disaster relief logistics
  • Routing models for public safety
  • Lifting up populations
  • Transportation issues in smart cities
  • Matchings and assignments with societal impact
  • Urban transportation and logistics in public sector OR
  • Modeling complex systems in education
  • Models of influence and optimal response
  • Evaluating health systems of public interest
  • Network Repair and Resiliency for Service Restoration
  • New advances in Operating Room (OR) Scheduling
  • Disaster Relief Supply Chains and Operations
  • Planning for Humanitarian Operations
  • Resource Allocation Problems in Nonprofit Settings

Cluster CO-CHAIRS:


  • May 2: Deadline for session chairs to enter presenters
  • May 15: Deadline for submitting abstract
  • Conference: October 22-25,2017

Please see for detailed information on the submission.