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Mary Ogidigben

Pennsylvania State University


My love of learning and continuous improvement and my passion for personal growth has led me to pursue a degree in industrial engineering with a focus in operations research. It has also inspired me to seek out mentorship and volunteer opportunities that allow me to help others find their passions and formulate a plan to achieve their goals.

Not knowing which career path to follow I studied core classes in my first year of college at GGC. Unfortunately, I did not take college seriously and did not perform well during my first semester. Rather than defeating me, the disappointment of failure made me realize that not having a career path left me without goals. I applied to the Industrial Engineering program at Kennesaw State University (KSU) and began classes in fall 2018 where I diligently applied myself in all my classes and sought advice and mentorship from my professors.

My favorite classes at KSU were the research projects and the operations research classes. During my time there, I applied strong study skills and graduated in December 2020 with a 3.7 GPA while participating and leading in an academic club, working approximately 30 hours per week, and collaborating on research that resulted in publishable papers with my professors. In addition, I earned a minor in applied mathematics and my Lean Six Sigma green belt.

Several members of my family are doctors or in the healthcare field, and over time I have developed a passion for this discipline. I was recently accepted to the Ph.D. program for Industrial Engineering at Penn State University where my focus will be Operations, Services, and Analytics. My long-term career objective is to apply skills learned in research and development through the Penn State doctoral program to pursue a career in applied operations research in healthcare.

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Detail oriented / Time management / Project management / Team oriented / Problem solving skills / Critical thinker / Industrial engineering / Process engineering / Quality engineering / Data analytics / Predictive modeling / Human centered design / Quantitative research / Qualitative research / MATLAB / MAPLE / Minitab / Arena / Simio / R / SAS / Microsoft 365 products / MURAL / Google BigQuery