To Enter

To Enter

Team Leaders:

We look forward to receiving your team’s entry to the INFORMS OR & Analytics Student Team Competition.  On January 12, 2017, you will receive an email with instructions on submitting your entry.  You will be directed to an online site to:

  • Submit a final registration.  This registration will confirm the final information on your team, including any changes in team members since your first registration in October.
  • Submit your entry by uploading a single file (in either the Word or LaTex template provided).


  • You’ll need your Team Entry Number in order to register and upload your entry.  If you have questions, contact us immediately at
  • It’s critical that you carefully review the entry instructions, which have been revised.  Not following the instructions could result in your entry being disqualified.
  • Deadline for entries: January 30, midnight (US Eastern). 




Final Team Registration

Final Team Registration

Team Members

Name one team member per line. Use the "Add Another Team Member" button below to add more people.


If a faculty member or PhD student is advising the team, please provide their name and email.