Past Paper Competition Winners

2021 Winner

“Overbooked and overlooked: Machine learning and racial bias in medical appointment scheduling

  • Michele Samorani, Shannon L. Harris, Linda Goler Blount, Haibing Lu, and Michael Santoro
  • Published in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

2021 Finalists
  • Hasnain, T., Sengul Orgut, I., & Ivy, J. S. (2021). Elicitation of Preference among Multiple Criteria in Food Distribution by Food Banks. Production and Operations Management.
    Périvier, N., Hssaine, C., Samaranayake, S., & Banerjee, S. (2021). Real-time Approximate Routing for Smart Transit Systems. Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems, 5(2), 1-30.

2020 Winners

Search Among Queues Under Quality Differentiation

  • Luyi Yang, Laurens Debo, and Varun Gupta

Data-driven Stochastic Optimization Approaches To Determine Decision Thresholds For Risk Estimation Models

  • Gian-Gabriel P. Garcia, Mariel S. Lavieri, Ruiwei Jiang, Michael A. McCrea, Thomas W. McAllister, Steven P. Broglio, and CARE Consortium Investigators

2020 Finalists

“Changing the policy paradigm: A benefit maximization approach to electricity planning in developing countries”

  •  Destenie Nock, Todd Levin, Erin Baker

“Office-based and home-care for older adults in primary care: A comparative analysis using the Nash bargaining solution”

  • Jennifer Mendoza-Alonzo, José Zayas-Castro, Hadi Charkhgard

2019 Winner

“A two-stage route optimization algorithm for light aircraft transport systems”

  • Shadi Azadeh, Michel Bierlaire, Youssef Maknoon

2019 Finalists

“On the distributions of infinite server queues with batch arrivals”

  •  Andrew Daw, Jamol Pender

“A vector-borne contamination model to assess food-borne outbreak intervention strategies”

  •  Jessye Talley, Lauren Davis

“A new epidemics-logistics model: insights into controlling the Ebola virus disease in West Africa”

  •  Esra Buyutahtakin Toy, Emmanuel Des-Bordes, Eyyub Kibis

2018 Winner 

"Routing and staffing when servers are strategic"

  • Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan, Sherwin Doroudi (not pictured), Amy R. Ward (not pictured), Adam Wierman (not pictured)

2018 Finalists

"Demand fulfillment probability in a multi-item inventory system with limited historical data"

  • Canan G. Corlu, Bahar Biller, Sridhar Tayur

"A decomposition-based heuristic for stochastic emergency routing problems"

  • Belleh Fontem, Sharif H. Melouk (not pictured), Burku B. Kesin (not pictured), Naeem Bajwa (not pictured)


"The value of waiting during labor"

  • Karen Hicklin, Julie Ivy, Fay Cobb Payton (not pictured), Meera Viswanathan (not pictured), Evan Myers (not pictured)

(2018 finalists pictured with Sean Barnes and Lewis Ntaimo)

2017 Winner 

"Chemotherapy appointment scheduling under uncertainty using mean-risk stochastic integer programming"
  •  Michelle Alvarado (not pictured), Lewis Ntaimo

2017 Finalists

"Simulation of inventory systems with unknown input models: a data-driven approach“
  •  Alp Akcay (not pictured), Canan G. Corlu

"A mixed-integer programming approach to the parallel replacement problem under technological change"

  •   Esra Büyüktahtakin, Joseph C. Hartman (not pictured)

"The optimal assignment of spontaneous volunteers"

  •   Maria Mayorga, Emmett Lodree, Justin Wolczyncski (not pictured)

(2017 finalists pictured with Sean Barnes and Lauren Davis)