Newsletters are produced twice per year and they depend on BOM community members to provide content. General topics include:
  • People
    • If you have some news to share with the community, send it in. We love the personal news!
  • Places (Meetings, special issues, etc.)
    • If you are a track chair for a conference, don’t make me track you down and send you multiple reminders. Send me a paragraph for the newsletter before and after the conference.
  • Pubs[1] (Research).
    • If you have a paper, please include the citation and abstract.

You can send content any time, you don’t have to wait for an emailed call for submissions. Please send your contributions to the newsletter editor, Lisa Yeo, and they'll be added to the next newsletter. Photos are always appreciated.

[1] Or send us your pub photos. Because why not?
[2] There were no newsletters produced between the Winter 2019 and Winter 2021 newsletters.