How the Matching Process Works for Nonprofits

How the Matching Process Works for Nonprofits


  1. We ask you to complete the brief Request Pro Bono Assistance form, in which you provide general information about your organization and your contact information.

  2. A member of the Pro Bono Analytics Committee will contact you to schedule a conference call. The goal of this call is for the Committee to gain a better understanding of your organization and the project.

  3. We ask you to then complete the Project Registration form, with assistance from our Committee if requested.

  4. Pro Bono staff use the project registration form to create a Volunteer Request form, which is broadcast to our volunteers (now more than 300 analytics professionals).

  5. Volunteers express their preliminary interest in a project and describe their experience and expertise, particularly as it may relate to the specific project.

  6. The decision on which volunteer (or team of volunteers) to select is your decision. Our staff will send you written information on all the volunteers who respond. We then set up a call between you and the volunteer(s) you are considering. This call is an opportunity to discuss the project in depth and for both you and the volunteer(s) to decide if there’s a fit between the project goals and their skills and interest.

  7. We then ask your organization and the selected volunteer(s) to sign the Engagement Confirmation agreement.

  8. After signing, the project is ready to launch, with you and the volunteer(s) working directly. Pro Bono Analytics steps back from direct involvement, but we maintain contact with you and the volunteer(s) to check on progress and to serve as a sounding board.

  9. Many projects are done remotely, but in-person visits may be possible if the volunteer(s) is located near your organization’s location.

  10. After project completion, we ask your organization and the volunteer(s) to provide feedback on your experience.
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