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Youth Encouragement Services (YES) - YES works to enrich the lives of children in inner-city Nashville, helping them to develop academically, physically, spiritually, and socially. YES purchased a data management system called KidTrax through NFocus Solutions and need someone to help navigate pre-filled data, measure outcomes, and provide suggestions/tools for staff to use for continued enhancement of programming. 

YES Volunteer Request Form

American Red Cross - Tennessee Chapter - The Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross has 900 volunteers helping with blood collection and humanitarian response services in Central Tennessee and neighboring areas. The Nashville Chapter would like to better understand how to interact with existing and potential volunteers in three primary areas.   

American Red Cross - Tennessee Chapter Volunteer Request Form

Projects in Progress

Volunteers have already been selected for these projects. Please view the following to exemplify the wide variety of nonprofit organizations and projects Pro Bono Analytics volunteers work on. 


LP Pencil Box – This innovative program in Nashville, TN, is a free store that provides school teachers in the Metro Nashville Public Schools with supplies their students and classrooms desperately need. The store operates year-round, collecting donations of supplies and scheduling appointments for teachers to shop for approximately $250 worth of supplies once a semester. LP Pencil needs help analyzing historical supply and demand patterns to develop strategies for better inventory control, improved matching of teachers with adequate supplies, and more efficient staffing. See more details in the Volunteer Request Form.

Pencil Box Volunteer Request Form 

LawNY: Legal Assistance for Western New York – LawNY is a nonprofit legal firm that provides access to the justice system for low-income people and other vulnerable populations who have civil legal problems. In 2015, the firm closed 8,877 cases benefiting 18,246 people across Western New York. LawNY is seeking analytics help in developing a business process map of the intake system used in its seven offices, analyzing where barriers exist, and making recommendations for improvements. Their ultimate goal is to improve the intake system so it works as efficiently and effectively as possible for its clients, intake workers and advocates. See more details in the Volunteer Request From.

LawNY Volunteer Request Form

Safe Haven Family Shelter – Located in Nashville, TN, Safe Haven is homeless shelter that specializes in proactive programs to assist families. In addition to its fundamental service, a rapid re-housing program, Safe Haven operates an education support service for school-age children. The organization would like to assess the impact of that program, and is seeking a Pro Bono Analytics volunteer to assist them in designing and conducting a survey-based assessment and analyzing the results.

Safe Haven Volunteer Request Form

Center in the Park (CIP), located in Philadelphia, is a senior community center that has gained local and national recognition for successful implementation of a "wellness center" model of programming. When you walk into the Center, you won't see "seniors" watching television -- instead older adults will be Skyping in the "digital aging mastery program" or exercising in the "enhance fitness" class. CIP would like to better measure the value of their health promotion and evidence-based programs by determining the benefit/cost. Can you provide analytics help?

vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Volunteer Request Form Center in the Park

Assist Spectrum Works with a Scheduling Model – Spectrum Works is a job training and employment program for young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). To accommodate as many autistic students as possible, to maximize the utilization of their supervisors, and to better plan their services, Spectrum Works would like help developing a software program to schedule both the student work hours and the supervisor assignments. The software should also consider “staging” as students gain experience and responsibility, and require less supervision.

Since 1835, Family Service of Greater Boston (FSGB) has focused on improving the lives of at-risk urban children, youth and their families. They currently provide services through three main programs: an outpatient mental health clinic, in-home therapy team, and a residential program for teens. FSGB needs analytics help in developing a data management strategy that can standardize data collection, better coordinate care across programs, and better serve their clients. FSGB website: http://www.fsgb.org/.

vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document FSGB Volunteer Request Form

Community Empowerment Solutions
 empowers community members in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to implement high social impact technologies that address education, economic, energy and health challenges. CESolutions has designed a survey to assess the outcomes of their program. They are looking for a volunteer who can review the survey design, ensure that it meets best practices, and that it asks questions that will yield accurate and useful data for assessing their program.

vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document CE Solutions Volunteer Request

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) is facing a large decision. Should a Board Certified Music Therapist have a master’s degree or be allowed to continue to practice at Bachelor’s level? AMTA is in need of an analytics coach who can help define the issue, identify relevant data, and develop a decision model to support an informed decision that is in the best interest of their members and the general public seeking their services.

vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document AMTA Volunteer Request Form

The Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED) is an intermediary agency, working with local communities and regional, state and national stakeholders around economic development. They are looking for analytics assistance to design a common outcome framework that will assist Indiana-based nonprofits to report, track and measure performance outcomes.

vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document IACED Request Form



Express Interest
In Volunteering

  1. Email probono@informs.org to express your preliminary interest, and provide your resume or CV and a summary of your experience and areas of expertise, particularly as they may relate to the specific project. Let us know if you’d like us to match you with other volunteers to create a project team.
  2. We’ll set up a call between you, the Pro Bono Analytics Committee member who was the initial contact with the nonprofit, and the organization staff. The Committee member will have already conducted a “scoping” call to understand the nonprofit’s goals and help them better define the problem and project. You may decide to drop out after that call or continue.
  3. We will forward all submitted proposals by interested volunteers to the nonprofit, and they will make the final selection.
  4. We then ask the nonprofit organization and the volunteer(s) to sign an Engagement Confirmation agreement.
  5. After signing, the project is ready to launch, with you and the organization working directly.  Pro Bono Analytics steps back from direct involvement, but we maintain contact with you and the organization to check on progress and to serve as a sounding board.
  6. As a final step, we ask the volunteer(s) and the organization to provide feedback on your experience.



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Benefit Too!

Wherever you are in your career, you’ll find many benefits in volunteering your time and talent through Pro Bono Analytics. You will:

  • Make a contribution and a difference to underserved communities
  • Expand the depth and breadth of your CV
  • Interact with people who are passionate about the work of their organizations and appreciative of the contributions you bring
  • Be exposed to new analytics problems, different from what you may have encountered in your education and work 
  • Demonstrate your soft skills in facilitation and communication
  • Take a project through the full cycle of problem definition to solution
  • Continue to apply your skills usefully in society, even after retirement
  • Raise the profile of analytics in this important sector