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News and Notes Winter 2020

Five CUTC student awards were announced in December 2019. Out of 62 submissions, the winners are: Parker P&P: Melissa Sather, UCLA; Pikarsky MS: Pragun Vinayak, The University of Texas at Austin; Pikarsky PhD: Cathy Wu, UC Berkeley; Wootan MS: Anne Brown, UCLA; Wootan PhD: Kyle Sorlie Titlow, University of Arizona. Congratulations!

Dr. Carlos Daganzo (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Yanfeng Ouyang (University of Illinois) recently published a textbook on public transportation: Daganzo, C.F. and Ouyang, Y. Public
Transportation Systems: Principles of System Design, Operations Planning and Real-Time Control. World Scientific Publishing Company, 2019.

Harilaos N. Psaraftis received the Maritime Economics and Logistics Palgrave MacMillan-Springer Best Conference Paper Award at the IAME 2019 conference in Athens, Greece for the paper "Speed optimization vs speed reduction: are speed limits better than a bunker levy?". IAME stands for the International Association of Maritime Economists. The paper appeared in the December 2019 issue of Maritime Economics and Logistics. The purpose of the paper was to shed some light into the
speed limit debate, and specifically whether reducing speed by imposing a speed limit is better than doing the same by imposing a bunker levy. The debate is relevant at the
International Maritime Organization (IMO), in the quest to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships. The main result of the paper was that the speed limit option exhibits a number of deficiencies as an instrument to reduce GHG emissions, at least vis-à-vis the bunker levy option.