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Zeeland Public Schools

Project Title: MAPT Electric School Bus Pilot Project

Project Description
Seven school districts – Ann Arbor, Gaylord Community, Kalamazoo Public, Oxford Community, Roseville, Three Rivers, and Zeeland Public – are deploying 17 all-electric school buses. All but Ann Arbor and Roseville received 11 electric school buses by December 18, 2019. Ann Arbor and Roseville will receive four E-buses and two E-buses, respectively. Two general questions need to be answered: 1) is the total cost of operation of an electric school bus greater than, equal to or less than that of a traditional fueled bus; and 2) is the environmental impact in and around an electric school bus less than that of a traditional fueled school bus.

This phase of the project will deal with determining the right questions to ask, the right data to collect, and mechanisms for collecting and storing data. Actual analysis will occur in a later phase.

The Deadline to Apply for This Project is 1/23/20.

Liberty Science Center

Project Title -
 Museum Walk-Up Attendance Forecasting

Project Description:

The desired goal is to forecast walk-up museum attendance on three time scales:
  • 10-day for tactical decisions like levels of food ordering for the cafeteria,
  • 30-day time horizon for improving planning, such as staffing levels,
  • 18-month time-frame for annual budgeting.
Current forecasts are annual. Accurate forecasting over shorter time-frames would benefit planning at the various time scales. LSC has created a proof-of-concept forecasting model using a number of features, including past sales trends, local weather, public and academic holiday calendars, and regional economic indicators, like household prices. LSC would like to assistance from a Pro Bono Analytics volunteer to build a next level forecasting model and begin testing it in operational use. We are open to collecting additional features and alternate modeling approaches. The current model was built using Dataiku’s Data Science Studio (https://www.dataiku.com/). In this environment, it is also possible to operationalize Python and R code, both inside and outside Jupyter Notebooks.

The Deadline to Apply for This Project is 1/27/20.

Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts (TBBCA)


Project Description:

TBBCA is working to incorporate more analytics into their operations and decision-making processes. To advance this effort, TBBCA would like to engage with a Pro Bono Analytics volunteer to better understand their donor base. The specifics of the project will be determined by representatives from TBBCA and the Pro Bono Analytics volunteer, but will likely include:

  1. Helping to organize the donor database
  2. Developing a dashboard that will monitor key metrics. Potential metrics include:
    • Donor retention rates, number of times they donate
    • Average length of time a donor gives to TBBCA and the average amount
    • Corporate vs. individual donations
    • Geographical breakdown of donors by location and other available data
    • Spikes in donations after events or marketing campaigns
  3. Providing the ability to generate pre-formatted and ad hoc reports from the data

TBBCA may be interested in pursing additional projects with the same or different Pro Bono Analytics volunteers, especially in the area of program impact measurement. Therefore, another part of this current effort is to consider the best data structures and software tools to support future projects.

A volunteer at TBBCA is currently pursuing an analytics degree and will be a participant in this project. She brings to the project a good understanding of the TBBCA operations and data.

The Deadline to Apply for This Project is 1/27/20.

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