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Chicago State University

The senior administration team is focused on addressing challenges and acting with urgency on opportunities affect enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. Part of this focus is to utilize a data-driven, evidence-based approach to better inform policy decisions. Chicago State University (CSU) seeks Pro Bono Analytics support to conduct a review of the CSU’s academic and support programs for students, including examination of student outcomes disaggregated by race, sex, income, and other factors.  Ideally, such analysis would also include support creating a process that could be used by CSU in the future, and in creating data visualizations of the analysis to make the data accessible and understandable to internal and external audiences.

The goal is to use the results of this analysis to help transform student outcomes at CSU by:

-- identifying any hidden access or outcome gaps by race, sex, income, and other factors;
-- increasing our understanding of – and testing our assumptions about – challenges and risk factors facing CSU students;
-- facilitating problem-solving to address identified challenges to achieve dramatic gains in success outcomes for all students; and
-- launching a campus-wide improvement effort grounded in data and focused on increasing student success rates.

In addition to enhancing administrator, faculty, and staff understanding of student challenges and successes at CSU as described above, the data analysis and visualizations would also support CSU’s critical fundraising goals by helping CSU tell the story of its students and their successes and challenges to potential donors.

Apply to this ProjectDEADLINE 10/28/19


FLO - Friendly Loving Opportunities

FLO provides food, clothing, and supplies for people experiencing hardship. Through its weekly outreach and planned special events, FLO works to inspire men, women and children in need while connecting the most vulnerable in Baltimore to vital resources. Aligned to its mission, FLO strives to instill hope and help those in need transform their lives.

Project: Assessing Program Outcomes
FLO has accumulated participation data over a span of at least three years from their various programs and activities. Their primary need is for guidance on how to generate estimates of the impact of their activities on the wellbeing of the people they serve. This might involve analysis of their existing data, searches for publicly accessible supplementary data, and/or recommendations for additional data to collect (and how to collect it). Also, FLO management would appreciate any suggestions on better ways to store and utilize the data they have.

Apply to this ProjectDEADLINE 10/18/19

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