If you are unable to donate your time as a volunteer, a contribution of any amount will help support nonprofits to make a greater difference in their communities through data analysis. 


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Seattle Pro Bono Micro-volunteering Project 

Homelessness, joblessness, poverty and hunger… they are some of the colossal hurdles facing our society. This year, at our Annual Meeting, INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics is partnering with FareStart, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization, to put an end to some of the heartache being felt by the local community.

FareStart is an organization providing people who are struggling with the skills they need to get a job in the field of food services and culinary arts, while also taking away some of their fears, helping to provide necessities like clothes and food.

How can you help? INFORMS volunteer initiative will aid the Seattle community by building hygiene kits and making “no-sew” blankets for the homeless. The cost for each hygiene kit is just $5 and the blankets are $18. Any further donations will fulfill the FareStart wish list, consisting of necessities like clothes and gift cards.

Together, we can help people overcome their obstacles and create and achieve new dreams.

Please consider a monetary donation to assist INFORMS and its members in their continued efforts to support the communities of our conference host cities.

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