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Winner of the 2017 INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition


It is my pleasure to announce the results of this year’s INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition. The eight finalists presented their dissertation proposals to a distinguished panel of judges at the INFORMS Annual Conference in Houston, TX. The judges selected a winner and a runner-up based on quality, potential contribution, and innovativeness.

The winner of the 2017 INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition is:

2017_Winner_Aceves_photo.jpgPedro Aceves

University of Chicago, Sociology

The Linguistic Relativity of Collective Cognition and Group Performance

The runner-up of the 2017 INFORMS Dissertation Proposal Competition is:

Evelyn Zhang

Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper Business School

“Intra-Organizational Mobility: Movers, Incumbents, and Communication Networks”


If you know Pedro, Evelyn, or any of the other six finalists, please congratulate them for this significant accomplishment.


The other finalists for the 2017 competition, listed in alphabetical order, are:


Callen Anthony

Boston College, Carroll School of Management

“The Tools of Strategic Knowledge: Essays on the Relationship between Calculative Tools and Strategic Knowledge”


Erin Frey

Harvard Business School

“Repair, Restoration, and Reintegration Following Work-Related Failures”


Jacqueline Ng Lane

Northwestern, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

“Social Media and their Affordances for Effective Teamwork”


Jaime Potter

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

“Expressions of Passion and Status Conferral: A Longitudinal, Computational Study of U.S. Congress Members”


Hatim Rahman

Stanford, Center for Work, Technology, and Organization

“Don’t Worship the Stars: Reputation Inflation in Online Labor Markets”


Roshni Raveendhran

USC, Marshall School of Business

“The Changing Nature of Workplace Monitoring: Technology-Driven Monitoring and Its Consequences”


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the panel of judges who evaluated all of the proposals. Each judge generously volunteered their time and resources to attend the day-long competition in Houston and provided the finalists with feedback on their dissertations.  This year’s panel of judges was:


Matthew Bidwell, University of Pennsylvania

Joe Broschak, University of Arizona

Laura Huang, University of Pennsylvania

Malia Mason, Columbia University

Scott Sonenshein, Rice University

András Tilcsik, University of Toronto

Anita Woolley, Carnegie Mellon University

Amy Wrzesniewski, Yale University


Finally, I would like to thank Gautam Ahuja, Editor-in-Chief of Organization Science and Stephanie Dean, Managing Editor of Organization Science for the tremendous amount of help and support they provided in managing the proposal review and competition process.


Mabel Abraham

INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Competition Chair, 2017