Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Annual Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings Minutes Archive

Minutes for all Annual Meetings of the general membership and Executive Committee Meetings since 1994.

OMEGA RHO Annual Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings

According to the OMEGA RHO Constitution, an Annual Meeting (AM) of the membership open to all categories of members of OMEGA RHO, must be held in the Fall of each year. For even-numbered years, the AM also includes elections of officers. Furthermore, the Executive Committee (EC) must meet at least once yearly. Additional EC meetings may be called at any time with thirty days notice either by the President or by three or more EC members. Below are archives of minutes of previous OMEGA RHO meetings.

November 1, 2015, Philadelphia, PA
November 9, 2014, San Francisco, CA
October 7, 2013, Minneapolis, MN
October 14, 2012, EC and AM, Phoenix, Arizona
November 13, 2011, EC and AM, Charlotte, North Carolina
November 7, 2010, EC and AM, Austin, Texas
October 11, 2009, EC and AM, San Diego, California
October 12, 2008, EC and AM, Washington, District of Columbia
November 4, 2007, EC and AM, Seattle, Washington 
November 5, 2006, EC and AM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
November 13, 2005, EC and AM, San Francisco, California
October 24, 2004, EC and AM, Denver, Colorado
October 17, 2003, EC and AM, Atlanta, Georgia 
November 17, 2002, EC and AM, San Jose, California 
November 4, 2001, EC and AM, Miami Beach, Florida 
November 6, 2000, EC and AM, San Antonio, Texas 
May 8, 2000, EC, Salt Lake City, Utah 
November 8, 1999, EC and AM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
May 3, 1999, EC, Cincinnati, Ohio 
October 27, 1998, EC and Special Membership Meeting, Seattle, Washington 
April 25, 1998, EC and AM, Montreal, Quebec 
October 27, 1997, EC, Dallas, Texas
May 5, 1997, EC and AM, San Diego, California 
November 4, 1996, EC, Atlanta, Georgia 
May 6, 1996, EC and AM, Washington, District of Columbia 
October 30, 1995, EC, New Orleans, Louisiana 
April 24, 1995, EC and AM, Los Angeles, California 
October 24, 1994, EC, Detroit, Michigan 
April 25, 1994, EC and AM, Boston, Massachusetts