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University of North Carolina Wilmington

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University of North Carolina Wilmington


Lizzette Pérez Lespier was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Liz attended the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez Campus and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. After completing her undergraduate degree, Liz attended graduate school at Missouri University of Science and Technology and completed her Masters of Science in Engineering Management in December, 2013. During her Masters, Liz held a Graduate Research Assistanship under Dr. Suzanna Long where she worked on Supply Chain and Logistics of Transportation Systems with a focus on System Dynamics methodology. Her master’s thesis focused on designing a System Dynamics model to improve the efficiency of Multi-modal Transportation Systems looking at disruptions that have a negative impact on the elements that make up the systems. This model helped determine how the disruptive factors of the supply chain are related to the efficiency of the system and suggested decision-making strategies that help improve Multi-modal Transportation System’s performance over time. Currently, Liz is a Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering Management at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Her research focuses on the issue of environmental sustainability, assessment and control of Maritime Transportation System. The topic of sustainability not only fulfills her professionally, but as a concerned citizen. Liz has implemented different decision-making methodologies to measure and understand the performance of the system with regards to the environment. By understanding how maritime activity affects port areas, better policies and decisions can be enforced in the near future to aid in the sustainability of maritime activity. Also, she anticipates her graduation date is May 2017.