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EDUCATION I completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computation at the Oxford University between 1990 and 1993. In 1993, I moved to the United States and complete my doctorate in Operations Research at the George Washington University in 1998. My specialist subjects were Bayesian statistics, reliability theory, and risk analysis. My dissertation was published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association and Technometrics. RESEARCH My research is primarily in the area of decision analysis and Bayesian statistics. I have worked on projects ranging from assessing maritime oil transportation and ferry system safety, the environmental health of watersheds and optimal replacement policies for rail tracks and machine tools and received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the United States Coast Guard, the American Bureau of Shipping, British Petroleum, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Makah Tribal Council, amongst others. I have also performed training for Infineon Technologies, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Capital One Services. I publish mostly in the journals Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis. I am associate editor for the INFORMS journal Decision Analysis, the Euro Journal on Decision Processes, and IIE Transactions, and formerly at Operations Research and Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation. I also perform various roles for the Decision Analysis Society. TEACHING & ADMINISTRATION I have worked at Virginia Commonwealth University since 1998. I am a professor in the department of Statistical Sciences & Operations Research. I have taught courses in decision analysis, simulation, reliability analysis, risk analysis, as well as operations research modeling, general statistics, and research article and proposal writing. I have worked on the design and implementation teams of new programs in bioinformatics and homeland security at VCU. Starting in 2005, I led the design effort for a new PhD in operations research, statistics, and applied mathematics called Systems Modeling & Analysis. I have been the program director for the last four years and we will graduate our first three doctoral students in May 2014.