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I think it's much more important to write well, much more important than most people think. Writing doesn't just convey ideas; it creates them. If you don't write well and you don't like it, you will miss out on most of the ideas that can come from writing.
As for how to write properly, here's an abbreviated version: write the bad version first as soon as possible; rewrite over and over again, delete anything superfluous; write in a conversational style; develop a sense of bad writing to see and correct it in your writing; imitate writers you love; If ultius start work, tell someone what you plan to write about and then write down what you said;

expect that 80% of your essay ideas will come up after you start writing and that 50% of them will be wrong from the start; Have enough confidence in yourself to delete something; Have friends you trust who will read what you write and tell you which parts are confusing or bad; Don't (always) do detailed sketches; Think through ideas a few days before you start writing; Carry a small notebook or piece of paper with you; Writing starts when you imagine your first sentence; if deadlines force you to start early, write the most important sentence first; write about what you love; don't try to sound impressive; don't be afraid to change the subject suddenly; use footnotes for digressions; use anaphora to weave sentences together; read your essays aloud to hear (a) where there are obstacles to unusual phrasing and (b) which sections are annoying (paragraphs you dread reading); after reviewing , essayshark review try to tell the reader something new and useful;

work long hours; when you start again, start reading what you've written so far; when you're done, leave something lighter to start next time; collect notes on the topics you plan to cover at the end of the paper; don't feel obligated to explain any of those topics; write for a reader who won't read the essay as carefully as you do, since pop songs are designed to sound good on regular car radio; if you said something wrong, correct it immediately; ask friends which is the worst sentence; go back and calm the tone of some loud lines; post something online because the audience makes you write more and thus generate new ideas; type unfinished rather than just looking at the monitor; use simple words; learn to distinguish between surprises and digressions; learn to recognize the impending end,
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