Dr John Hollywood PhD

Rand Corporation

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John S. Hollywood is a senior operations researcher at the RAND Corporation and a professor of policy analysis at Pardee RAND Graduate School. He conducts decision science and systems engineering-related research in the areas of criminal justice, homeland security, and information technology. He recently served as the director of the NLECTC Information and Geospatial Technologies Center, which provided strategic planning, technology research and assessment, liaison and outreach support on information technology and analytics for the National Institute of Justice. Other recent projects include leading an expert panel on criminal justice technologies for the Bureau of Justice Assistance; co-leading a multi-year evaluation of predictive policing experiments; characterizing recent US terror plots and how they have been foiled; identifying and characterizing scientific breakthroughs as evidenced in patent applications; developing tools to predict areas at risk of increased crime using criminal incident and suspicious activity data; and development of new methods for fusing disparate reports about potential terrorist threats. He is a recognized expert on predictive policing and criminal justice technology and is commonly interviewed on these topics. He has written opinion pieces on best practices in counterterrorism and law enforcement technology for CNN, the Charlotte Observer, Crane's Chicago Business, Government Technology, and ORMS Today.