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  • A Study In Contrasts.

This paper presents a discussion that compares two poems and determines which poet has the more complex vision of social and political struggle. William Blake's London and Percy Shelley's, England in 1819 are used for the comparison. Complexity, style and theme are all discussed. Two sources are used to complete this paper. 

  • A Study of Transitional Writing in House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende.

This is a study that I have done on your work entitled "House of Spirits" and will focus on arguing for your use of transition in the tale. By using the mystical Clara and her eventual marriage to Esteban Trueba, a fierce politician from the city, you create the transition that your native Chile went through when it went from a "backwoods" country into the twentieth Century. 

  • A Summary of Live Longer and Prosper .

This work summarizes the article, "Live Longer and Prosper" by Charles Platt. 

  • A Symbolic Analysis of White Fang by Jack London

Choosing this paper topic when you buy essay your writer will reveal a symbolic representation analysis of White Fang by Jack London. By showing the clash of will between nature, animal, and man, we can see how this tale abounds in good versus evil symbolism. In the characters Weedon, White Fang, and Beaver, we can see how this tale offers a great of struggles between life and death. By setting a synopsis and charcterization in symbolism in this manner, we can see London's masterpiece in a clear light.

  •  A Symbolic and Alliterative Analysis of Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen.

In this paper to do my homework a writer will analyze the poem Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen. By making a study of alliteration in this poem, as well as symbolic analysis of the text, we will discover what elements of poetical device are present in Owen's poem.

  • A Tale of Two Cities: An Analysis.

This undergraduate paper analyzes the classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, by the Victorian Era English novelist Charles Dickens. The author notes that A Tale of Two Cities is quintessential Dickens, for it features timeless drama in the form of courtroom confrontations, mysterious events, romantic and familial love, intriguing espionage, high adventure, engaging humor, and profound tragedy. Dickens was a master at portraying every aspect of the human condition, and A Tale of Two Cities is primarily a story of love, revenge and self-sacrifice on a personal level rather than an epic treatise on the French Revolution.

  • A Time Line Historical Character Comparison of Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

This essay according to the writers from cheap essay writing service will cover two poems: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Beowolf and compare the affects their characters had on the periods that they lived. Also, the historical themes that are differing between the two time-periods will illuminate the characters in the text that both of these poems reveal by their symbolic reference to the era that they strived in. By showing what lesson these poems teach and the history that they develop, we can see how they can be indicators, of this argument, that closely resembled each others times by the similarities of their lace in history.

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