Diana Ramirez-Rios

University at Buffalo

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University at Buffalo


I have a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a B.S.-M.S. in Industrial Engineering. I am passionate about policy-driven, empirical, and multidisciplinary research. My work focuses on supply chain optimization, freight transportation, and humanitarian/disaster response logistics. My theoretical work includes freight demand modeling, facility location and post-disaster distribution modeling, commercial vehicle parking simulation models, and game-theoretic models for supply chain cooperation. Practice and policy-driven research include quantifying and allocating freight externalities and implementing policy initiatives for sustainable urban freight systems. My empirical research includes the economic valuation for the lack of relief supplies in post-disaster response, freight trip generation and service trip generation models, and parking duration. I have strong theoretical foundations in operations research, statistical analyses, and economics.