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Brian Putt has over 41 years of project analysis, portfolio and planning experience in the petroleum industry. He holds a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, BS in General Engineering Stanford University, and a MS in Operations Research from Stanford University. Brian began his career with Chevron in 1975 as an Operations Research Analysis with Computer Services, Marketing Transportation and Supply, modeling various downstream operations using simulation and linear programming. He then worked in the Marketing Operations and Marketing Pricing and Evaluations departments optimizing various warehouse, product distribution and terminal operations using mathematical models including inventory and truck scheduling algorithms. During the early 80’s he coordinated crude oil trading and crude supply in Chevron International Oil Training and Corporation Supply. While in Foreign Operations Staff during the late 80’s and early 90’s he coordinated the business plans for several Chevron Operating Companies and assisted in the sale of several major assets. In 1992 he assumed the responsibility for developing Chevron’s Organizational Capability (OC) in Decision Analysis. He has conducted numerous classes on the basics of decision analysis, and also Decision Analysis modeling and evaluation techniques. He has a wealth of experience based on the numerous upstream Decision Analysis studies that he has led including waterflood investment decision, phased development of a large steam flood, gas developments, gas utilization, integrated LNG projects, and bid evaluation for M&A opportunities. He was also a pioneer at Chevron in the use of probabilistic portfolio analysis beginning in the mid 90’s to develop the company’s strategic plans. As the Organizational Capability Manager for Business & Economic Evaluation, Strategy & Planning he was responsible for improving Decision Analysis organizational capability throughout Chevron which includes DA evaluation techniques, training programs at all levels, development of Corporation Analysis guidelines, and personnel development of DA employees. In addition he manages a team of internal DA consultants that support the various Chevron Upstream operating companies and their business units around the world.