Bryan Norman

Texas Tech University

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Texas Tech University


Dr. Norman's primary research interests include process and operations improvement through the modeling and analysis of logistics systems. His research focuses primarily on four logistics and systems application domains. The first is operational challenges in healthcare including patient flow, material supply, workspace organization, staffing, endoscope reprocessing, and surgical suite turnaround. During the last five years he has worked on multiple projects including the redesign of the UPMC Presbyterian Emergency Department, reducing OR turnaround time for the UPMC Presbyterian and Montefiore OR suite, the application of tablet computers for patient intake in UPMC clinics, Prosthetics inventory management for the VA Pittsburgh Health System, and worked with St. Clair Hospital to implement an award winning material distribution system. The second is vaccine logistics where as a member of the HERMES Vaccine Supply Chain Modeling Group he is modeling the logistics of providing vaccines across the globe and in particular in lesser developed countries. The modeling efforts focus on the analysis of the cold chain and include analysis of cold storage and transport resources and supply chain network design. Third, is investigating methods for achieving efficient facility design and material handling in manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments. Fourth, is the development of mathematical models for scheduling resources and personnel in both manufacturing and service organizations.