2008 Student Poster Presentations

Special Acknowledgement to the National Science Foundation (CMMI-0739996)


Algorithms for Leveraging a Flexible Workforce in Automotive Planning

Ada Barlatt

Industrial and Operations Engineering Department

University of Michigan

We consider the problem of simultaneously deciding the workforce size and allocation of laborers in a facility. We present a new approach, which is a hybrid of mathematical programming as a mechanism for solving simpler feasibility problems that are then embedded in a larger search-based algorithm. This search-based algorithm is able to leverage dominance in order to achieve substantial pruning. We present an example from automotive stamping to illustrate the "test-and-prune" approach to ensure tractability and discuss how this approach extends to other hierarchical planning problems. This is joint work with Amy Cohn.


Current Studies in Kaizen Event Effectiveness, Sustainability, and Programs

Wiljeana J. Glover

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

A Kaizen event is a focused and structured improvement project, using a dedicated cross-functional team to improve a targeted work area, with specific goals, in an accelerated timeframe. This poster highlights projects that use qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the critical factors that influence Kaizen event outcome achievement and sustainability. The projects are a part of an ongoing Kaizen event field research study by Virginia Tech and Oregon State University.


Collaborative Decision Making Processes within Dispersed Environments

Joy Oguntebi

Industrial and Operations Engineering

University of Michigan

We observe a growing interest in distributed work within the small group literature as technical advancements have led to a reduction in operational boundaries. Concurrently, corporations are increasingly using dispersed teams as a mechanism for accomplishing organizational work. This research study uses a case study approach to explore the relationship-building development within these dispersed settings and related processes, such as technical communication, that enable collaborative decision making and improved knowledge management.


A Periodic Review Inventory Model with Two Modes of Supply and Fluctuating Demand

Ana R. Vila-Parrish

Edwards P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

North Carolina State University

We consider a firm with a geographically distant supplier that decides the order quantity for each of two supply modes on a periodic basis. Special attention is paid to specifying the demand process for short lifecycle products which experience high demand variability, high stockout and high obsolescence costs. We explore the relationship of product life cycle demand characteristics, represented by Markovian demand process, and the impact on ordering strategies using a Markov decision process (MDP).