Minority Issues Forum -- 1
for the Minority Issues Forum
of the

Article 1 - Name

This organization shall be named the MINORITY ISSUES Forum of the Institute for 
Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Article 2 - Purposes

The purposes of this Forum shall be:

     1. To foster under-represented minority participation in Operations Research and 
         Management Science
     2. To develop close ties among those interested in increasing the number of minority 
         participants in Operations Research and Management Science
     3. To disseminate information about the issues facing minority researchers and 

Article 3 - Membership

Any member of the Institute may become a Forum Member by paying the Forum dues. 
Non-members of the Institute may become Forum members by paying the special fee for 
non-members of the Institute. (See Section VII of the Fora Handbook.) All members of 
the Forum shall have equal rights and privileges except that only INFORMS members 
may hold Forum offices (See Article 5).

Article 4 - Officers

1. The officers of the Forum shall be those listed below: 

  • The President shall be the chief administrative officer of the Forum and shall be responsible for the development and execution of the Forum's program.  He/She shall (a) call and organize meetings of the Forum, (b) appoint ad hoc committees as required, (c) appoint chairs and members of standing committees, (d) manage the affairs of the Forum between meetings, and (e) preside at Forum Board  meetings and Forum membership meetings.
  • The Vice President/President Elect shall be the principal assistant administrative officer of the Forum and shall act as President in the absence of the President. He/She shall have such other duties as the President shall assign to him/her and normally will chair a planning committee to develop the Forum's program and required budget for the coming year. He/She shall serve as the co-chair for the annual poster competition. He/She shall become the President of the Forum for the year after his/her term of office as Vice President
  • The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Forum, keep the minutes and records of the Forum, maintain contact with the Society, receive reports of activities from those Forum Committees that may be established, conduct the annual election of officers and Board members for the Forum, make arrangements for the regular meetings of the Board and the membership meetings of the Forum, make arrangements for the orderly transfer of all the Forum's records to the Secretary succeeding him/her, and perform other duties usual to the office of an organization's Secretary. In addition, the Secretary is the official historian for the Forum. These duties consist of maintaining the historical files and documenting Forum achievements and activities.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the administration and disbursement of the Forum funds as directed by the Forum Board, prepare and distribute reports of the financial condition of the Forum, help prepare the annual budget of the Forum for submission to the Institute, and make arrangements for the orderly transfer of all of the Forum's records to the Treasurer succeeding him/her, and perform other duties usual to the office of an organization's Treasurer.
  • The Vice President of Programs shall be responsible for (a) coordinating sessions at the annual meeting, and (b) serve as co-chair for the annual poster competition.
  • The Junior Vice President of Programs shall be responsible for assisting the Vice-President of Programs as requested or required.  This office can be filled by a graduate student member of the Forum.
  • The Vice President of Communications shall be responsible for maintaining the electronic media used by the Forum. The duties consist of (a) maintaining the community website, and (b) maintaining the Forum’s photo sharing site.

Article 5 - Election and Tenure of Forum Officials

     1. The terms of office of each elected official shall be two years. Each officer will be 
         elected at the fall meeting. The elected officer must be elected by a majority of the 
         forum members present.
     2. At the penultimate meeting, the officers shall nominate at least one candidate for 
         each of the four positions being filled. Additional nominations may be made by 
         petition signed by at least three members or from the floor of an election meeting.
     3. Voting will be done by secret ballot at the last general meeting of the officer’s 
         term of office. A majority of the ballots cast by members for each office shall be 
         necessary by election. Ties shall be resolved by means of fair random processes.

Article 6 – Meetings

The Forum will hold at least one meeting per year. The time, place and agenda of each 
meeting shall be set by the Officers and announced in advance by the Secretary.

Article 7 - Responsibility to the Institute

The Forum shall operate in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Institute. 
The INFORMS Board may suspend or revoke the Charter of the Forum for inappropriate 
operations and/or procedures.

Article 8 – Dues

Dues to defray annual operating expenses may be assessed on all members by a majority 
vote of those present at a meeting.Minority Issues Forum -- 3

Article 9 - Amendments

  1. Proposed amendments to the bylaws may be initiated by action of the board.   
  2. The Secretary shall distribute copies of the proposed Amendment to all members of the 
    Forum by either (a) electronic mail or (b) in written form no later than seven days before the annual business meeting.
  3. An open discussion of the proposed amendment to the bylaws shall be carried out electronically or at the next business meeting.
  4. The Amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the members present at the Annual Meeting or voting electronically if a web-based procedure is used. Following approval by the Forum, the Amendment must be sent to the INFORMS Vice President for Subdivisions who will present the Amendment to the INFORMS Board. The Amendment becomes effective when approved by the INFORMS Board.