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Military Operations Research (MOR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal for operations research and related methodologies used in important military applications. Of particular interest are papers that present case studies showing innovative O.R. applications, apply O.R. to major defense policy issues, introduce interesting new problem areas, highlight educational issues, and document the history of military O.R.

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Phalanx is a co-published bulletin of Military Operations Research and MAS, which is available online to MAS/MORS members. The objective of Phalanx is to keep military analysts up-to-date with relevant information and articles concerning all aspects of military operations research, including developments and insights from global partners. Each volume features articles and insights by both MORS and MAS members.

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Books of Interest

As a service to our MAS members, we will review and promote references of specific usefulness to military operations research. MAS members are encouraged to contact the MAS webmaster to alert us to new publications and media that you recommend for this page.

Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Management
Parnell, Driscoll, Henderson (eds.)
Wiley Series in Systems Engineering
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY (2008)
ISBN 978-0-470-16570-6
438 pages

Available at all online booksellers, this book introduces the systems decision process (SDP) developed at the U.S. Military Academy, which has seen a host of successful applications throughout government and industry. Building on a systems thinking philosophy and Keeney's value-focused thinking, the SDP interweaves a host of operations research and management techniques with intensive stakeholder interaction to structure a value versus cost trade space that illuminates an alternative choice set along an efficient frontier. Techniques for generating creative, high value decision alternatives, along with methods for conducting effective interviews and brainstorming sessions are among the other useful content included by the authors. Extensive references are presented at the end of each chapter to afford further exploration and learning on the various methods and concepts introduced throughout.

Methods for Conducting Military Operational Analysis
Andrew G. Loerch, Larry B. Rainey (eds.)
Military Operations Research Society
LMI Research Institute (2007)
ISBN 0-930473-13-2
854 pages

Available from MORS, this publication is a collection of works intended to evolve the state of military O.R. analytical capabilities. It contains a host of very recent methods, applications, and case studies addressing core issues that continue to challenge the military O.R. community, offering ways to both conceptualize these problems and get at effective solutions. Outstanding references are presented at the end of each chapter, offering further resources for academicians and practitioners alike.

Predicting Combat Effects
Dean S. Hartley III
INFORMS/MAS Topics in Operations Research (2001)
ISBN 1-877640-16-6
256 pages

Available from INFORMS, this book analyzes hundreds of historical battles to determine whether there are any consistent formulae for predicting combat effects. The results are positive and are incorporated in a spreadsheet battle model, which includes attrition, duration, advance, and victory. Attrition at the gross level is determined to follow neither the Lanchester Square Law nor the Lanchester Linear Law. Instead, attrition follows a law between the Linear Law and the Logarithmic Law. The model and all data are contained in the included in an updated CD.


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MAS publishes inexpensive monographs that represent significant contributions to the operations research literature. Recent titles in the Topics in Operations Research series include the following:

  • Predicting Combat Effects, Dean S. Hartley III, $30.00
  • Evaluating Alternative Indonesian Sea-Sovereignty Systems, Russell Rhyne, $23.00
  • Fields of Operations Research, Howard W. Kreiner, $15.00
  • Modern Combat Models: A Critique of Their Foundations, C. J. Ancker, Jr. and A. V. Gafarian, $17.00
  • MAS Proceedings 1991: Military Modeling and Management, ed. Stanley A. Erickson, Jr., $22.00
  • Two-Person Zero-Sum Games, Alan R. Washburn, $30.00
  • Theory of Optimal Search, 2nd Edition, Lawrence D. Stone, $35.00
  • System Dynamics and Modeling, Rolf Clark, $15,00
  • Artificial Intelligence for Military Applications, Barry G. Silverman and William P. Hutzler, $10.00
  • Publishing Guide for Engineering Sciences, Haluk Bekiroglu and Kip Becker, $10.00
  • Simulating Violators, Chanoch Jacobsen and Richard Bronson, $15.00
  • Search and Detection, Alan R. Washburn, $30.00
  • Force-on-Force Attrition Modeling, James G. Taylor, $12.00
  • Budgeting for Sustainability, John C. Honig, $12.50

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