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How to write an effective conclusion for an Argumentative Essay - Handy Guidelines

Conclusion is defined as a thoughtful insight into a piece of writing. It is one of the most important parts of writing because a conclusion communicates the wind up thought and in a number of cases, a conclusion is read to know how well things are added to the essay or the writing. There are a number of ways by which you can write a good conclusion. Generally while writing a conclusion, it is important to essay writer service and stick to the main idea that you have discussed in your essay. It is important to make sure that your readers are engaged and there is no additional information. It is considered as one of the major parts of the essay, however, your conclusion should not be the rephrased version of the thesis statement rather it should be a call to action or any other approach that can help you and your readers to know all the major points in a few words. In order to help with the conclusion, I am going to share 4 examples of good essay conclusions serving as the best answer to “How to write a conclusion?”.

Example 1:

Good conclusion

A good conclusion has to the point and critical approach toward everything that you have written in your essay. Let’s suppose you are writing on the impacts of global warming, so the conclusion will be written in this way:

Global warming is one of the most significant environmental issues that is taking the shape of moral and ethical issues. The underlying approach is relevant to the human activities that are moved because of the environmental effects. Global waving is not only affecting the ecological paradigms but it is a significant moral issue because people are conducting different crimes and immoral activities to essay writer service free and ensure their comfort. These activities are threatening the life of animals and the other beings. In the same way, ethical concerns are aroused and it is observed that global warming is one of the grave concerns that is affecting all possible dimensions of life. In conclusion, there is a dire need to address global warming at all dimension because this issue can not only hamper human living standards but it is a significant threat to the life of plants and animals

If you are writing a conclusion on the impact of glass ceiling, then you write a conclusion in the following way:

Glass ceiling is a psychological impression that refers to the ceiling that cannot be visible but it is out there in every society and culture, encouraging women to play their part in the society. The idea of glass ceiling is one of the reformative approaches that can be used to help women know their position in the society. It is one of the best approaches that can push women to play their part in society. In the present time, there are a lot of women who are at the height of success because they have encouraged themselves to move beyond the glass ceiling and break the stereotype culture that allows women to play their part in the society.

Examples 2

1- The aim of this paper is to come up with acritical evaluation of the social issue such as, “poverty’ it is important to note that poverty is one of the critical issues because when people are notable to fulfill their daily life needs. The conflict of interest pushes people to come up with an irresponsible and cruel approach to essay writer online. This appears either in the form of the hand to mouth living standard of the people or in the form of the aggression that people show towards society in the form of crimes. According to PEW research conducted in 2020, it is found that poverty is one of the social and economic issues that is faced by 1/3rd of the people in the world. It is one of the reasons that the rate of crimes is directly proportional to the ratio and framework of crimes that are conducted over time. So, it can be concluded that poverty is one of the most significant issues.

2- Gun control is an important and critical issue that needs detailed discussion. It is highlighted that those countries in which here is no control on the use of guns have more death arts and the ratio of crimes. From different researches it is found that gun control is a significant concern in the western world. This shows how the government needs to take efforts so that this issue can be controlled. It is also found that when people are free to cheap essay writer and use weapons, they never think about the legal obligations and the insight that are designed for them by the laws. It also shows how humans have been a manipulator of the society over time.

In the end, it is asserted that the government should try to control gun usage because I think it will continue to add to the ratio of crimes. Then, gun control is not a necessity when there are law making bodies who are taking care of people. Evaluating the four examples you will be able to come up with bet conclusion for your essays and college essay writer you will be able to get good marks because conclusion plays a central role in making up the winding up approach towards the work or writing.