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Past Conferences

The INFORMS Society on Marketing Science - The Practice and Impact of Marketing Science 2007 Conference

The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, October 14-16, 2007
The objective of the conference is to bring together and align emerging marketing science approaches to real marketing problems with marketing actions in fast-changing competitive landscapes.


  • AMA Best Practices - Best practices in a wide range of marketing areas
  • PSU B2B Marketing - The source for the latest in Business to Business marketing
  • MSI - A unique, not-for-profit institute established as a bridge between businesses and academia.


  • AMA Marketing Tools - Various marketing tools in a wide range of areas
  • - Knowledge source for market research, marketing plans, internet marketing, marketing careers & more
  • - Comprehensive Resource Directory for Marketing Professionals
  • - Marketing Know-How from Professors and Professionals
  • - Marketing Engineering Applications for implementing marketing strategies and tactics
  • Sawtooth Software - Conjoint Analysis, Computer/Web Interviewing and Quantitative Marketing Research
  • Harvest Customer Value - Understanding and applying Customer-Value Based Segmentation


  • Information Resources Inc. (IRI) - Leading sales and marketing research partner in the expanding global consumer goods industry. IRI provides international data services with data delivered in consistent formats and supported by an international service team.
  • ACNielsen - World's leading marketing information company providing market research, information, analysis and insights to the consumer products and service industries.