ISMS International

ISMS International

ISMS to Expand Global Reach 

With approximately 30% of its membership drawn from non-North American countries, ISMS is already an international organization. However, given the rising prominence of marketing science on the global stage, and more importantly, the potential for growth, we will be undertaking initiatives over the next two years to expand our global reach.

We have targeted China as the first country in which to attempt these initiatives.

Our efforts will be led by Min Ding, VP Membership, and include activities such as conferences, mentorship programs, and assembling research databases. We hope these activities will result in more research generated by Chinese scholars in the area of marketing science, the development of Chinese Ph.D. students, more learning about the role of marketing science in a rapidly developing economy, a sharing of insights between our current membership and Chinese scholars, and databases that can be utilized by the entirely ISMS community.

These goals are consistent with ISMS’ mission, which is to further the development, dissemination, and implementation of research using the tools of marketing science.

Please feel free to contact ISMS Officers if you have suggestions or want to help out in any way.