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Theodore (Ted) P. Pavlic is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University with a joint appointment in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering and the School of Sustainability. His interdisciplinary laboratory is focused on decision making systems for autonomous agents in stochastic environments potentially as part of large decentralized groups. This work stretches across optimization, game theory, parallel numerical processing, distributed algorithms, and biology. The autonomous systems housed in Pavlic's lab go from robotic systems to small-scale models of energy systems in the built environment to actual biological systems including ants and multinucleate slime moulds. Pavlic received his PhD in 2010 in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University where he studied intelligent control. Since then, he has completed postdoctoral appointments in computer science (focusing on self-driving cars) and eusocial insects (focusing on decentralized multi-objective macronutrient regulation in ants and honeybees). He started his faculty position at ASU in 2015, where he teaches courses in stochastic simulation to Industrial Engineering students and ecological modeling to Sustainability students.