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Professor Janos Pinter PhD

1: Lehigh University, USA 2: PCS Inc., Canada

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1: Lehigh University, USA 2: PCS Inc., Canada


János D. Pintér is a researcher and practitioner with more than four decades of experience in the area of systems modeling and optimization, including algorithm and software development, and a range of O.R. applications. He holds MSc, PhD and DSc degrees in Mathematics, with specialization in the Operations Research area. He has authored and edited books including an INFORMS prize-winning monograph on global optimization. He has written more than 200 journal articles, book chapters, and other technical and research documents. Dr. Pintér is / was an active member and officer of INFORMS, EUROPT, CORS, and HORS, and he serves / served on the editorial board of the Journal of Global Optimization and other professional journals. In August 2016, he moved to the USA: since then, he has been teaching various O.R. courses at Lehigh University. Dr. Pintér is the principal developer or co-developer of a range of nonlinear optimization software products. These products are used worldwide by researchers and practitioners. He also offers training courses, and (at Lehigh) semester-long courses on optimization, with a strong emphasis on modeling, software and applications. For further information, please visitános-D-Pintér Contact