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Reminder for INFORMS 2022 QSR Best Student Paper Competition.

  • 1.  Reminder for INFORMS 2022 QSR Best Student Paper Competition.

    Posted 06-29-2022 14:59
    Dear All

    This is a reminder for the coming submission deadline, July 15, 2022, for the 2022 QSR Best Student Paper Competition. Following is the original call of paper announcement. The call of paper and submission form are attached. 

    Note: Please following the instructions to fill the google form and submit all your files through the google form. After submission, if you receive the message "Uploading files is not permitted when data loss prevention is enabled for your domain. Contact your domain administrator if you think this is a mistake", it is due to the setting of your google account (either personal or from your university or workplace). You do not have to submit the files or google form again, as we would still receive them. If you are not sure, you can send an email to me to double check. 

    INFORMS 2022 QSR Best Student Paper Award

    The Quality Statistics and Reliability (QSR) Section of INFORMS announces the Best Student Paper Award to recognize excellence among its student members. The award program brings prestige to the QSR Section as well as to the recipients honored.

    Four finalists for the Best Student Paper Award will be selected to make presentations at the 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting. The winner will be announced at the QSR business meeting at the conference. All finalists will receive an award certificate. The winner will also receive a plaque of recognition. The broad criteria for selecting the recipient of the QSR Best Student Paper Award are: (a) Academic significance (originality, depth, and completeness of the work and its potential impact on future research); (b) Engineering or business relevance (importance of the problem and its impact on engineering or business practice). Specifically, papers will be assessed in six aspects: originality of ideas, depth of study, thoroughness of literature review, importance of problem, expected impact on future research, and potential impact on engineering or business practice.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • The award nominee must be a student member of the QSR Section.
    • The submitted paper for the competition can be unpublished manuscripts or published paper. If the paper has been published, the publication date (online) has to be on or after July 1st, 2021.
    • Paper topic should fit the QSR themes.
    • The student must be the first author. A formal, signed statement by the student's advisor should be submitted along with the paper affirming that the majority of the original results presented in the paper are due to the student rather than the advisor or other collaborators involved in the work.
    • Previous finalists who wish to compete again should submit an entirely different paper.
    • Past winners are not eligible for the competition.
    • The student must be committed to presenting the paper at a special session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting (the session schedule will be announced later).
    • Finalists may not be announced until other sessions are already organized. Thus, papers considered for this competition could be simultaneously submitted to other sessions at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. If a finalist is scheduled to present in another session, then they will present the paper twice: once in the QSR Best Student Paper Competition session and once in their previously scheduled session.
    • QSR Section does NOT own the copyright of the paper.

    Application Process: The paper should be up to 6 pages, single-spaced, and 10 point-size font in PDF format. Margins should be 1 inch or more. The paper should begin with a 50-word abstract. Please submit a blinded and an unblinded version. The submitted paper must follow the format or will be returned without review. Please also complete and submit the attached submission form including four suggested reviewers and the signed affirmation of the advisor.

    To enter the contest, please prepare three documents:

    • the blinded paper meeting all the above requirements. Please name the file name "RunningTtitle_Blinded"
    • the unblinded paper meeting all the above requirements. Please name the file name "RunningTitle_Unblinded".
    • the filled and signed submission form. Please name the file name "RunningTitle_Form".

    Please use the same running title for all three files. All the documents must be pdf documents, including the submission form. Any submission that does not meet these formats will not be accepted. To submit the files, go to the following link.

    Please fill the google form and upload the files following the instructions. Late or incomplete submissions will NOT be eligible for the contest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the contest organizers. One can visit the QSR website for updates regarding the contest.


    Paper submission deadline (Submitter's local time): July 15, 2022

    Decision notifications to authors: September 9, 2022

    Contest Organizers:

    Chair, Dr. Lulu Kang, Illinois Institute of Technology,

    Dr. Xiao Liu, University of Arkansas,
    Dr. Ran Jin, Virginia Tech,


    Lulu Kang
    Associate Professor
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    Chicago IL