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Thursday, April 21, UT-Dallas Campus at 6:00-7:00 PM


The Outlook for Energy: A View of 2030

Dong Fu
Senior Economist - Corporate Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil
Location: Davidson Auditorium SOM 1.118, UTD Campus
Visitor Parking Passes available at the front gate entrance from Campbell Rd.

Energy - in all its forms - is critical to economic growth, development & social welfare. From the world’s most modern cities to the smallest communities in developing countries, reliable access to affordable energy is necessary to drive long-term economic and social progress. Over the next two decades, demand for energy is forecasted to rise dramatically across the globe, as populations and economies grow at rapid rates. This presentation focuses on energy demand to the year 2030. It examines key drivers of rising demand and the way this demand will be met by the various available energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewable energies. It concludes by providing insights into the challenge of meeting growing energy needs while mitigating global CO2 emissions.

About Dong Fu:
Dong Fu, Ph.D-Economics, Southern Methodist University, is the Senior Economist in ‘Corporate Strategic Planning’ at ExxonMobil. Prior to joining ExxonMobil in 2007, Dong worked as Economic Analyst , Supervisor of Research Assistance & Assistant Economist in ‘Economic Research Department’ at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He previously worked in both public & private sectors in China from 1991 to 1994. Currently he advises the senior management at ExxonMobil on economic, financial and policy related issues. He is also responsible for developing the corporate World Economic Outlook which is foundation of ExxonMobil’s Energy Outlook.


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