INFORMS Open Forum

  • 1.  2018 Wagner Prize Winner

    Posted 11-06-2018 09:20

    The winner of the 2018 Wagner Prize is Analytics and Bikes: Riding Tandem with Motivate to improve Mobility. If you have ever rented a bike from Motivate you have benefited from the analytical work done by this team that improve the allocation of docks to stations, and the creation of an incentive scheme to crowdsource rebalancing.


    The largest provider of bike-sharing systems, Motivate, has moved hundreds of docks in its systems nationwide and its Bike Angels program now aids rebalancing in San Francisco and New York City.


    In their wining presentation, the authors described how this work required the development of a number of new optimization models, characterizing their mathematical structure, and using this insight in designing algorithms to solve them.


    Come to the reprisal of this talk today, Tuesday at 3:40 in room West 301C.


    This year was a special year for the Wagner judging committee because they decided to award a second place to Combinatorial Exchanges for Trading Fishery Access Rights. The elegant and innovative mathematics of this work addresses the environmental concern of Overfishing by implementing in New South Wales a first-of-a-kind market design for the reallocation of catch shares and the largest combinatorial exchange to date. The market design addresses previous solution weaknesses of lack of participation and fair payments. The implemented exchange illustrates how computational optimization and market design can provide policy tools to solve complex policy problems considered intractable only a few years ago. The exchange operated from May to July 2017.

    Patricia Neri
    Principal Analytical Consultant
    SAS Institute, Inc.
    Cary NC